Friday, May 8, 2009

Springtime Storms

I have discovered that you can never tell what a day may bring.When we got up this morning my husband had plans to go to his job and I had plans for another uneventful day at home. But at the breakfast table we started getting severe storm warnings and soon got a call from his boss that logging is out of the question today and to just take the day off.

It wasn't long before the weather hit and the power went off. Since we don't have a storm shelter our neighbor called and offered to let us huddle in hers, we watched out the windows to see how bad things are looking, and kept checking the radar on our cell phone. The worst of the storm just missed us.

Some of our friends and neighbors lost buildings, and there were of course trees down everywhere. We were fortunate to have only minimal damage. A few shingles loose on the roof of our house and some banged up calf hutches is really not worthy of being complained about.

Sailor wanted to get a picture of Daddy fixing the roof, saying that from his perch he has an excellent view. I gave him the camera but grabbed a quick picture of him first.

I was pleased with the results of Sailors photography efforts. Looks like his Daddy is walking on the clouds.


  1. It really does look like he is walking on clouds, what a cool photo!
    So glad the storm passed and the damage was minimal. How frightening that must have been.

    Have a Happy Mother's Day weekend.

  2. Love the pictures! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! ♥ HUGS ♥

  3. Another bloggy friend of mine managed to miss a tornado recently. I wonder if you live near eachother. Glad you are safe!

    Great Picures!

  4. I'm glad that you had minimal damage - and that everyone was safe!
    How cool is that photo of the Daddy?
    He looks like he's walking on air ... as you all would be, after coming through the storm safe and sound!

  5. Neat picture of daddy-o!! I live in the Midwest, so I understand scary storms. There's a big difference between enjoying the sounds of a heavy rain on the roof, and flying patio furniture and tree branches! Glad everyone's fine and I, too, hope you have a great Mother's Day with your family.

  6. Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog! :-) I really enjoyed reading yours! Blessings!

  7. So glad you came through that storm okay! I know you must've remembered your parents' story of the storm in their early marriage! I love the photo your son took, he did a wonderful job!

  8. Re: Old Centennial Farmhouse
    Yes, we had to think of the storm my parents went through. The devastation of tornadoes are hard to forget if they ever affected your life.


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