Saturday, May 2, 2009

Of Puppies and Naptime

One evening when Daddy came home from work he told us to come outside to our shed and see something.
We all followed him outside to find our dog Smokey laying in a corner proudly looking at and licking ten little puppies. They were so cute. She didn't mind us oohing and ahhing over them, but Daddy told us not to hold them until they're several weeks old.
We would go outside everyday to see them and finally we were allowed to hold and play with them. It was this event that finally got us totally over our fear of Smokey. She let us play with the puppies and we even got to the point where we'd pet and talk to her.
One day we were all supposed to take a nap. Mom tucked John and me into our beds and then took David into her bedroom and put him in his crib and laid on her bed until he falls asleep. I thought naps were a waste of time and being five I no longer had to take one everyday.
The sun was shining brightly and I could hear the puppies outside, I sat up and peeked into the bottom bunk of the bunk bed. John was already sleeping, so I pushed my covers off and climbed quietly down and tiptoed out through the kitchen and out the door. I found my three favorite puppies, gathered them up in my arms and ran to the shed and sat in a corner and played with them. It was so much more fun than taking a nap.
After a while I heard my Mom calling my name. I didn't want to have to go back to bed and a naughty thought popped into my head. "If I don't answer, she won't know where I am , and I won't have to go to bed."
She called and called and finally came into the shed and found me hiding in the corner. She was crying by that time and I felt bad about that. I hadn't meant to make her cry, I just really didn't want a nap.
She told me she thought she had heard a car start in our driveway and when she went to see who it was, nobody was there and when she looked in my bed I was no longer there either, and she was very worried. And that I may never go outside without telling her first.
We got back to the house and she told me I have to spend the afternoon in my bed, so that next time I'll remember to answer when she calls and stay in bed if she tells me too.
That was the longest afternoon I ever had. I could hear Mom sewing and talking to John and David. It sounded like everyone was having a great time and I had to lay there until Daddy got home from work.
Daddy wasn't impressed about the scare I had given Mom either, and so I was admonished again. It was good to be with the others again and have supper and a little time to play before bedtime. But I learned my lesson well. If Mom calls. I answer. Spending all afternoon in bed is no fun!


  1. That's too funny - just how a child would think!! A whole afternoon in bed for a young one is an ETERNITY - no wonder you learned your lesson pretty quickly. I was always afraid I would miss something at nap time. I was the 6th kid though, so I think they let me give up naps pretty early on although now sometimes I wish someone would make me lie down and take a nap!

  2. I hope you are putting this all in a book. It is quite easy to do. I started my book with blog entries and then got it published at It is the story of my childhood in the wilderness of Alaska, called "Just Breathing the Air." When I began putting memories on a blog, I never intended it to be a book, but my children showed me how to get a project started and get it published. It is not expensive, although it does cost a fee if you want a copyright (adviseable) I certainly hope you will do this for your family.


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