Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Like Father, Like Son

Last spring Sailor became the happy owner of one of the sweetest and most loyal little Beagles I had ever met. He named him Jack and spent hours with him every day roaming our land. A few months later someone abandoned another Beagle at the end of our driveway. Jack made her feel right at home and Sailor gave her a name. Jack and Jill were one happy couple. Last fall they had six little puppies.
Sailor spent all of his free moments with them, and grieved every time one of them found a new home. Finally there was only one puppy left. He had named him Waggy Tail but we called him Wags for short. We found a place for Jill too, that left only Wags and his daddy, Jack. And then Jack disappeared for several weeks we were afraid something bad might have happened and then one morning when Sailor was outside playing with Wags they heard a strange noise. It was Jack minus his eyes sniffing his way back home to his beloved Sailor.
The tears that flowed then! The children sobbed and petted and cried and hugged that poor little dog, his head looked terrible as there was obvious infection too.
The vet couldn't do anything and we were left with only one option. They call it humane. We called it heartbreaking!
We were very glad we still had not found a home for Wags. He really helped Sailor to not hurt as badly as he would have otherwise.

Jack inspecting a turtle that came wandering along.
And exactly one year later Wags is telling a turtle exactly what he thinks.

He got right up in his face, and put all his vocal energy into his message of no trespassing on his guard. The snapper finally got tired of it and snapped him.

Wags retreated to a safer distance to voice his grievances. In the meantime the girls got a little closer for a better look.


  1. What a cute story. Your beagles are so cute. Thanks for stopping by my blog.


  2. I call it heartbreaking even though I know you can't let animals suffer. Poor mite.

  3. hi there,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I just read your touching post about Jack. Oh how sad to lose this lovely pet. So glad Sailor still has Wags. such cute dogs!! I am just going to have a good visit at your blog and will look forward to visiting again.
    blessings to you,
    Sandra in New Zealand

  4. Heartbreaking, to be sure. Thanks for sharing this story.

  5. I am so sorry about Jack. It's always heartbreaking to loose a beloved pet. I am so very sorry the vet couldn't help him. My deepest sympathy to Sailor, Wags and all of the family.

  6. Oh that is just too sad. Putting a dog to sleep (been there, done that, hated it) is rough, but watching him suffer first, even rougher. Bless their little hearts for being great owners to the pups and giving them all a great life in the meantime! And he's still got a great buddy in Wags, so Jack lives on. Thank you so much for sharing that ~

  7. Oh poor Jack! That was horrifying for ME! I can't imagine what you all went through. So glad you still have Wags.

  8. What a sweet ending to a good story about a good friend.

    Thank you for your visit to my blog. How did you come to find me? I have read through your whole blog and I am wondering so many things. so I am looking forward to reading more.

  9. How very sad to have to do the "humane" thing with Jack. I'm glad you had Wags to make it easier. I enjoyed the story of your beagle family.

  10. Cute story...I am sorry there was kinda of a sad ending though...thank the Lord for Wags! :)

  11. Good post and pictures. Beagles are so darn cute! When you get a chance, stop by my blog to see a little beagle mix my sil just got☺

  12. Poor Jack, I hate when you have to put a beloved pet down. It's so sad. But Wags is a cutie patootie! Don't have to worry about vicious turtles attacking your home!

    Thanks for visiting me!

  13. Oh, poor Jack, but how fortunate that you had Wags...so bittersweet! I just love all your stories!

  14. Ah, yes, Wags! When dealing with snapping turtles discretion is definitely the better part. We have a pond in our yard, and snapping turtles love it. The Lord of the Manor takes them out with a fishing net and puts them in the river. They probably come right back upstream, too, bless their crabby little hearts.


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