Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Day in Our Life

Yesterday turned out to be quite interesting. We had a friend over and spent all afternoon baking. After seeing cheese cake, chocolate chip cookies, cinnamon rolls, and sweet raisin bread all afternoon and of- course taste testing everything, I'm in need of some salty and definitely not dessert type recipes.

Everything turned out really good and so we kept coming back to make sure it actually tasted as good as we think it did.

It always did.

I think I'll go have some chicken noodle soup.


Last evening Sunbeam came to show me a picture she drew of a horse and buggy. I admired it then asked what she wrote along the top of her board.

Her answer: I don't know Mom, I can't read yet!


I will be posting another memory about being an Amish child, later today.


  1. Oh how cute! Love the pic! And all the baking sounds yummy. It definitely makes me hungry. Good thing it's almost lunch time.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today.
    It's always nice to make new blog friends :o)
    Have a great day!

  2. Sounds like a great day spent in the kitchen and then eating!!!!!!

    And cute horse and buggy!!!!!

  3. What a little doll!! I love the horse and buggy, so sweet! That is the best kine of art :)

    Everything you made sounds soooo good, lol! You made me hungry :)

  4. That's the problem with good desserts: They're ALWAYS good. No matter what! And my hips don't appreciate it.

    Your daughter is darling...perfect answer to your question.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  5. That is precious...not knowing what it says as she can't read yet! She did an excellent job with drawing the horse and buggy!

    Love your recipes!

  6. Late to this party, but your daughter's remark about not being able read reminds me of a little girl we know. She was chasing our cat around the house, and Eddie ended up on the stairs, back arched and hissing. Savannah started meowing at Eddie, and he stared at her, then turned tail and ran. "Wow! He looked as if he was insulted. What did you say to him? "

    "I don't know. I don't speak cat."


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