Saturday, May 27, 2017

Picture my Week

The first time the May Apples bloomed after we got married, LV created a lovely bouquet for me. It was the first I had ever seen the flowers, and I really liked them. I think he stored my reaction away for future reference because it has become a tradition. Every May when they begin blooming he will create a bouquet. No two have ever been the same, but I have loved each one. This week the tradition continued when he presented this bouquet.

Steven enjoys what he calls "The Brick" game. In the process of teaching Steven to read I used the same approach I did with the rest of the children. We pretend the floor is water and the pieces of paper are stepping stones. There's a small treat at the far side of the long winding line of stepping stones. To get to it he pronounces the sounds correctly and advances to the next stone. If he gets it wrong he splashes into the water and starts over. I'm not sure how often he did it this week, but I do think I'm more tired of it than he is. He was already asking to do it again today after only being up for a few minutes.

My favorite waterfall picture this week.

The girls and I were working in the kitchen each making our own food item. Granola, bread, and a marinated salad. Steven couldn't decide who he wants to watch the most and after a little while of changing running from one cooking station to the next he opted for a bird's eye view instead.


  1. I'm wondering what May Apples are?

  2. The last picture had me chuckling. It's such a typical little boy picture! But I loved the tradition of the bouquet and was really impressed with the idea of the stepping stones for reading. Great idea!

  3. May Apples always make me think of a bus stop in the rain - all those umbrellas! They are pretty and have such a delicate aroma.

    One of our great-grandsons is learning to read. I'll have to pass along your "brick" idea.


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