Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Picture our Life

We've been having a pleasant summer. Here's a glimpse:

We're doing the stay-cation thing again this year, and have been enjoying a lot of hiking in the evenings. It was all great until we decided to try a different trail, which happened to be a few miles more than anticipated and I got lovely quarter sized blisters on my feet. It reminded me a little of this.

I enjoy being on our front porch when it rains. The girls enjoy the rain enough that they opted to venture off the porch and wash their hair in the rain. Results are dripping wet dresses and squeaky clean hair.

Our road is finally being worked on. After being filled with potholes for so long we're all happy to see it getting fixed. They work slow enough that Buddy can spend hours on the porch watching.

We have a lot of frogs this year for some reason. Buddy is equal amounts fascinated and repulsed by them, even when they are safely on his sister's hand.

Having my brother, his wife, and their six children stop in for a short visit was great.

Canning applesauce with apples from a friend's tree.
The apples on the trees by our house will soon be ripe as well. Those will be used to make pie filling.
Making firewood. Buddy absolutely loved trying to help. He carried most of what you see in the picture to the back of the truck for Sailor to stack it in the porch basement.


  1. I love staycations! Enjoying a light rain at the moment before heading out to pick our first figs off the fig tree. Finally getting them before the birds!

  2. I, too, enjoy being home for the summer. There is a lot to do around here. I loved seeing the photos of your summer. Your home looks like it's in a beautiful place. So glad to see that you had family visit, I know that must be an extra special blessing for you. Buddy is a HARD worker to have moved all of that wood.

  3. Nice photos of a beautiful place and family. Staycations can prove less stressful!

  4. My kind of summer. We're doing a Staycation again this year, too. Buddy reminds me so much of my Little Mister who also enjoys a good wood stacking frolic. What I liked best about your post was that your brother came to visit.

  5. Lovely pictures of a sweet summer. We enjoy staycations withour busy 2 and 4-year-old girls, too. There's no place like home and what a pretty home you guys have :)


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