Saturday, August 15, 2015

Bit o' History

In addition to our usual studies this school year we have added some in-depth state studies. It has been interesting doing research and pulling things together to make this possible. We decided to study them in order they became a state, so first up is Delaware.

There's so much interesting history there that we have been digging up. For the children an added bonus has been that I've been telling them the stories my Grandpa told me the winter before LV and I got married.

Delaware used to be, and as far as I know, is still the only state that has an Amish community calling the capital their home.

Of the many stories Grandpa told me about their life in Delaware there were a few that have always amazed me.

In the 40's when his children were still too young to be able to really pitch in and help around the farm, Grandpa would drive into town with his horse and wagon, to the jail and get a load of inmates to clean out the barn, and do other work. The only thing required of him was to feed them three meals and have them back at the jail by a certain time in the evening.

There was always a line of men, eager to help him. They loved Grandma's hearty meals, and most were excellent help.


  1. What a wonderful story. I would imagine a day in the fresh air and some decent food would have been a real treat.

  2. I'm not surprised about the jail inmates. Here in South Carolina, during WWII, farmers could get help from prisoners of war camps. Yes, we had European POWs in America.

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  4. Wow! Talk about a more innocent time.

  5. Did they send a guard along or were the inmates to be trusted not to run off?

  6. Such an interesting story. Knowing the Amish are nonviolent, I'm a bit surprised none of them ran off!

  7. Just as an aside, many of the POWs from Germany and other European countries were used as farm hands, etc. in America and England. Many long lasting friendships developed and a lot of prisoners decided to stay in their "host country" after the war.

  8. How interesting! Definitely a different time period!


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