Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. When I look at the sky I feel________________________________________.

In awe. At night looking at all the stars and knowing that God has a name for every one of them. The lovely sunrises and sunsets, lazy summer clouds drifting by, and towering thunderheads all make me pause to drink in the beauty, and rainbows of-course always remind me of God's promises. So yes, mostly I feel in awe of our Creator when I look at the sky.

2. If you had to run for political office, which one would you run for? Do you have any real desire to actually do this?

If I had to run for political office I might as well go for president. I have zero desire to be in any type of political office though so you don't have to worry about me going and changing almost everything about the way things are being done.

3. What scent makes you think of home?

I wish I knew, unfortunately I have no idea what home smelled/smells like.

4. How often do you take a step back to think about where you're headed in life? Do you need more or less self-reflection?

Quite often. I so want to live my life so that once I'm old and feeble I won't be looking back with regret at the things I could have or should have done. The children seem to be growing up way too fast and I really want to treasure and savor this time of life.

5. July is National Ice Cream Month...besides a cone, what's your favorite food item to top with ice cream?

A slightly warm blueberry cobbler is always delicious when topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

6. What might your autobiography be called?

I have no idea. Funny thing, in the publishing world the author isn't necessarily the one choosing the title of a book.

7. Your least favorite mode of transportation? Why?

I really don't like any kind of public transportation. The schedule isn't my own, constantly being surrounded by other people, trying to keep track of luggage, and let's not even mention security. I don't care how far it is I would much rather drive than take a bus, plane, or train.

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

God answers prayers.

The thing that was growing in my throat is gone, I firmly believe it was healed because of prayer.


  1. I'm glad to hear that your throat is healed!
    Praise the Lord!

  2. Praise the Lord, I'm happy to hear the great news about your throat!

    It's interesting that the author might not get to choose the title of his/her book. I had no idea...

    You are right to savor and treasure this time with your children. It's time well spent :)

  3. Praise God! God does answer prayer.
    Blueberry cobbler haven't had in years but my mouth is watering for some right now.

  4. Glad you are feeling better. I like to be on my own time as well and not follow someone else's schedule.

  5. So happy to hear you are doing better! Praise God!

  6. So wonderful to hear! The power of prayer is indeed wonderful. I'm with you on the security thing, but with a child living in Japan, the only way to see him is by flying. In my opinion all of the fun an mystery of flying has been stripped away by the horror a few choose to inflict on their fellow humans.

  7. Happy to hear that the throat issue is resolved. I appreciated your answer to #4.

  8. In awe is a great answer, I agree! Cobbler would be great with some ice cream on it. So happy to hear about the answered prayers from God....God is good!

  9. Praises to the Great Physician for healing your throat! We serve an awesome, amazing God!

    Speaking of healing, how is Buddy?

  10. I love cobblers too! I use blackberries because theres a huge blackberry bush a block from here. It's so good, especially topped with ice cream or whip cream too! I posted a photo of the one i made last year.
    I agree public transportation seems nightmarish especially if you feel a little claustrophobic and dislike strangers breathing on you.

  11. So glad you are feeling better! That blueberry cobbler sounds yummy! Blessings and Sunshine, Valerie

  12. Glad to know you are well now! Yes prayers are always answered! Couldn't help chuckle on your answer abt title of your autobiography! ;)

  13. Sooooooo glad to hear the good news about your throat!!! God is good!!!

  14. My daughter has read all of your Lily books. We live in Amish country here in Missouri so she has really enjoyed them. Lily is her friend. She wants a rag doll because of Lily. Keep them coming!

  15. Glad to hear your throat is better, and I heartily approve of you running for president. I'll run as your VP, if you'd like.

    I once asked my godson, then perhaps about 8, if he'd like to be president some day. "No." He thought for a moment, then said, "King, I think." Go for it, kiddo!

  16. So thankful for #8!!! I've been praying for you and also prayed for Buddy and trusting he is all healed up from his chicken pox and no one else has come down with it - I thought I had posted back then, but see I didn't. I have not so fond memories of "The Summer of Chicken Pox."

    I'm not completely sure, but a few years back I think we were campaigning for "Mennobrarian" or maybe it was "ImPerfect Housewife" for president... LOL!!! I'll have to check with them to see if their campaign is still ongoing !
    BTW - I gave away my Lily books so I have to replace them ;-)

  17. Amen! The Lord is good! So happy for you. (Love your blog:) )

  18. Taking public transportation in Korea was fun, it was an adventure everytime:-)


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