Monday, July 15, 2013


Grandma's house is such a fun place for everyone. Buddy absolutely loved his first visit there.
Riding on the little wagon.
Eating cheerios at a little table he set by himself. I was surprised he could even find the little dish with cheerios with the way he crowded his table.
Baskets of books, a huge toybox filled to the brim, and a sandbox big enough for several families he was busy the entire time we were there.
I think he feels the same as Sunbeam, when she quoted," The only thing wrong with Grandma and Grandpa's house is that it is too far away."


  1. Ahhh! I hope that is the way my grandchildren feel too. :-) We live over 300 miles from our grandchildren and I really miss them terribly. All of our children and grandchildren and our last surviving parent will descend on our house in August for a vist though and I cannot wait. Even our son who lives in Japan is coming home for a week. This Mama's heart is all aflutter!


  2. That's how I used to feel as a child-I am smiling at Buddies packed table

    Have a lovely time with all your Family Betsy

  3. Sounds like my house just this morning,with two of my little grandchildren here. They just love being here. I had to smile at Buddy's table setting....too cute!
    Blessings friend

  4. Grandmas houses are always the best. I'm lucky to still have my grandparents and still in the same place where they raised my mom. It has always felt more like home to me than anywhere, I think because of all the love that's inside of those walls. And yes, they are too far away. Your daughter is very insightful.


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