Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Picking Rocks

A continuation of LV's memories
LV had turned four which was ever so much older than three and he was sure that he would now be able to keep up with his older siblings so much better.

There was a new church district starting 12 miles away and his parents decided to help it get started. They found a piece of bare land and made plans to build a large farmhouse and dairy barn as well as all the other buildings that they needed on a nice farm.

LV couldn't help but wonder why they called it bare land since it didn't look bare to him. There were fields covered in tall grass and several different patches containing several acres of woods.

It was fun watching the buildings grow but there wasn't much for a little boy to do except watch and play with the scraps of wood.

Between working on the buildings his Dad plowed some of the fields to plant corn. Since they were new there were lots of rocks and he decided to take several days to pick up rocks. He said LV could help them if he wanted to and he jumped at the chance. He was finally old enough to be able to help work in the fields.

While his brothers were lifting large rocks and tossing them on the box wagon LV was running around picking up stones that were more his size. He spied another stone and ran around the corner of the wagon just as his brother Mervin tossed another rock. It hit the side of LV's head knocking him down.

Sitting up he could feel and see blood gushing down his face. His Dad quickly picked him up and ran to find Mom. Together they cleaned him up and decided the gash didn't require stitches. After getting bandaged he once again had to stay with Mom while the rest went back to picking rocks.

The scar remains as a reminder of that day


  1. Oh no, the accident must have been scarey - and just when life was getting better! That's too bad.
    Back to the apron strings. :(
    Thank you both for the story!

  2. That's too bad; I'm glad it wasn't worse though!

    I bet he was more upset at not being able to help out any more than anything though; that's how kids are, after all! ;)

  3. I'm sure he was disappointed at not being able to help anymore.

  4. When I was small my brother was clamming. The water was too deep for me so I had to stay on the shore. As he got a clam he would throw it to shore were I would pick it up. Well,on one toss I missed ! That clam landed squarely on top of my head ! Almost knocked me out and required a few stitches to close that wound. Like LV I have the scar to prove it to this day. Big Brothers are mean. LOL :)

  5. Oh, I'm so thankful he was okay! His angels were on the job that day. I think they work overtime for little boys...

  6. Rocks and boys ... I have memories of my own kids! So glad he was ok and probably learned to be just a little more careful. Just a little, though because he was still a boy, and still only 4 ;-)


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