Monday, October 31, 2011

Finding our "Home"

After sharing our search for a church we could call home when we left the Amish I had quite a few people asking what our final decision was and thought I would share a little more about that today.

After I was physically unable to travel the long distance to the little Mennonite church we had been attending we chose to attend a local church since we had been greatly enjoying all the messages we had been listening to on CD from them.

Once I was able to make that long trip we again traveled the one hundred and fifty miles north to attend that church. We liked the people the message was fine but it seemed as if the whole forenoon we were wondering why we were there instead of the other church. And on the way home we realized just how ridiculous our thought train had been once again. Thinking that we have to join a Mennonite church when Jesus isn't interested in denominational name tags. Having faith and trust in Him and being born again was all that mattered not a name tag.

That was the last Sunday we attended the little Mennonite church and we were so happy to have finally found a church we could call our own. Up until then we had never known it was possible to love a church that much.

When we moved half way across the country last year the hardest part of the move was leaving that church. It was the first time in our life when a move was not made because of church or church matters.

We are settled in now and have found a church but we still enjoy listening to sermons that our church sends to us each month. So now I guess you could call us blessed to be able to enjoy two churches.


  1. It just ate my comment! Anyway, I know how much you loved that church and how hard it was to leave. I really do like our church and the people can be wonderful but I don't know that it's really "home" for me. You're so right about the Lord not being concerned with denominational nametags - that's so human and can be quite a divider actually. I go to church but I don't have the feeling of I can't wait to go! Good post ~ ♥

  2. I hope you will one day find a church family in your new location that will be as fulfillng as the one you have written about. We live far from family, and our church family is just wonderful!

    Also, I have wondered how LV's family reacted to your leaving the Amish and also what led to your moving back East. Hope you will write about that some day.

  3. We had to leave a favorite church behind about 25 years ago ... it was such a low point in my life, but I knew the Lord had more things in store for us as a family! To make a long story short, we were happy in a new church, unhappy 20 years later and had to make the decision to leave it. Not an easy decision as my husband was a deacon. We had a time of healing in a great church in the next time. We healed so well, we decided to stay :-)

    There is nothing like a good fitting shoe ... and a good fitting church! Our Savior is "one size fit's all" and his grace and mercy are abundant! I can't imagine going anywhere else, now (but we still love to visit our little church from 25 years ago when we travel to that area!)

  4. Seems we have all, not just the Amish, but all been indoctrinated enough to think we have to belong to one denomination or another. We ran the gamut looking for a church that was based on the Word of God rather than creeds and dogmas - and finally, the Lord showed us our answer. Of course, He promised He would.

  5. I've been blessed to have found churches when we moved. Where we are now will be our home until He calls us to His (well, as sure as we can be of these things) and this church has been a blessing to our family, four generations now attending. To find a spirit filled church is a blessing. To find more than one in a life time proves the Holy Spirit is with us.

  6. I have found a church that i love too. It means so much to have a great church. Mine happens to be right down the block from me. : )

  7. It's great that you can still enjoy the church you loved so much even while being so far away from it.


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