Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Preacher's Son

Having a good dog is a big part of any little boy's life especially if he is living on a farm. The first dog I had was a big English Shepherd named Queen.

She liked children and I liked when she followed me around where ever I went. There was one place though that she couldn't follow me and that was to church.

When ever we got to church I had to get off the buggy with Mom and my sister Lydia and go inside with them instead of going out to the barn with Dad and my brothers like all the other little boys did with their Dads. Having to stand with all the women and listen to their chatter before church would have been so much better if I could have been petting my dog.

When it was time to go find a seat I had to sit with Mom. Sitting next to her on the bench I would watch as all the men and boys would file into the church house and find their seats. I thought it must be really nice to be able to sit with my Dad like the other boys did but I couldn't because he was one of the ministers. He had been ordained a few months before I was born so that was all I had ever known.

Some Sundays when he preached the first sermon Mom would let me go sit next to him once he was done and one of the other ministers was preaching the main sermon. But even that wasn't like everyone else since I had to sit on the front bench facing the rest of the church. That was still better than sitting with the women and I was always glad to be able to sit next to my Dad.


  1. Interesting! I had never really stopped to think what little Amish boys would do if their father is a minister.

  2. Apparently Amish families don't sit together in church?

    Every boy should have a dog or like I like to say every dog should have a boy :) Glad LV had a nice dog while he was growing up.

  3. My own son is very attached to his Dad. This story is so sweet.
    Blessings, Joanne

  4. I see where the minister's family wouldn't sit with him, but do the others sit together as a family?

  5. And when the little boys sat alone on the front bench while their daddy was preaching, they sat where everyone could see them and observe every little mis-move they might make.

  6. My heart felt sad for LV as a little on sitting there. Boys do look up to their dad’s. It is interesting the desire to be with their fathers, kind of reminds me of how we need to feel about our own Father in heaven. Sometimes I get busy and forget to reflect on such, thanks for the reminder.
    Mrs. J.

  7. I never knew Amish families didn't sit together in church. In every church I've been to families all sit together.


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