Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Life Goes On

Having LV's cousin Rhoda staying with us to do all the work while I got to sit around and enjoy our baby boy was rather nice though I did look forward to the day when we could send her home and be by ourselves once again.

I really looked forward to Sunday when my family would be coming to see the baby. I was sure my little brothers would be excited to meet their little nephew and Daddy would get to see his first grandson.

On Saturday afternoon LV came into the house and said that John had left a message on our voicemail that Daddy was in the hospital after a freak accident. He needed emergency surgery and no one would be coming over on Sunday after all.

I was so disappointed, but there wasn't much that could be done about that. Sunday came and friends came to see the baby bringing little gifts along that I would take to church later for him to play with during the long services. Almost everyone told us that Sailor looked just like his uncle Raymond. I couldn't really see that but knew he definitely did look a lot more like my brothers than LV's side of the family.

After staying cooped up in the house for several weeks I convinced LV that I was able to have a buggy ride. He hitched Ridge to the buggy and after packing the diaper bag and bundling Sailor into blankets we climbed on the buggy and were on our way.

Arriving at my parents home I was met with eager little brothers wanting to see the baby. Daddy was laying on a hospital bed in the kitchen. He asked to see Sailor so I laid him in his arms. Sailor slept most of the forenoon. I wished I could have a picture of Daddy and his grandson. He looked almost as proud and happy to be holding him as he used to for his own children.

I enjoyed my day immensely. Riding home I rejoiced that the six weeks would be up and we could send Rhoda home and I would finally be able to go to church again. I had enjoyed staying at home for the usual 8-10 weeks before the baby was born and the six weeks following but it would be nice to be able to be out and about again.


  1. I just spent most of last evening at my daughter's home, holding and watching my 18 day old granddaughter. When I say "watching", I mean staring at her in wonderment and with love. I could have done that all night long!

  2. What a happy time! And I agree, a picture of your dad holding your son would have been a treasure.

  3. I am enjoying gazing upon the beauty that is my grandson. He is 4 months old and quite a blessing. There are no words to full describe the joy and gratefulness to God for this blessing.
    I am enjoying your story.
    Be blessed.

  4. So do you mean that you stayed home from church for weeks before your baby came? Is there a reason for that?

  5. Folky Dots... Yes, the only time you ventured away from home during those last two-three months was to go to doctor's appointments.

    The reason- for modesty's sake and to not draw more attention to yourself than necessary.

  6. How nice that you had so much time to relax and enjoy your baby.

  7. I don't know how well I'd adjust to being home that long! Of course if I was used to the lifestyle, the adjustment would be easier, but even so, I think I'd feel so cooped up I'd be a bit stir crazy and quite a bit of a grouch.

    Why all the help afterward? Is this just so you can recuperate and don't have to worry about anything other than bonding with your baby? If so, how nice!

    - Sally

  8. So sweet!

    Just wondering... How did you pick his name?

  9. I like the idea of staying out of the public eye during those last weeks of waiting for baby, and what a wonderful thing to have someone to help with the chores during the 6 weeks after. When I had my last baby, the women in the church shared the care of my older ones in their homes for as long as a week, and they provided dinner for a whole week for the entire family too. It was a huge help and I am ever grateful for their generosity.
    Babies are such a good of friends to let us just enjoy their newness, unencumbered by the necessary work that doesn't stop.

  10. PS...I meant to say that I am sorry to hear of your father's accident and your disappointment at having to wait for your visit.

    Also, I like your new blog look!


  11. I remember my babies first Sunday in church as if it were yesterday! I was so happy to show him/them off, after their hiding for 9 months; finally people could say "Oh he looks just like ... " (insert family member's name here) LOL!!

    So glad your father was able to finally hold his grandson. You have a mental picture that will never fade like a snapshot might!

  12. Do you have any photos of your parents ?

  13. Toriz, Sailor is not his actual name. LV and I both really liked the name we gave him so his first name was an easy choice. His middle name needed to start with the same letter as LV's first name so that took a little more consideration.

    Sally, it was thought a mother recuperates much better, and has less problems with postpartum depression/ baby blues if she has those six weeks of not working. I think they may have had something there.

    Dee, yes I have a few photos of my parents.

  14. I pray your father is doing well by now.
    How sweet to have your SIL there to help after the birth of little Sailor...and an adorable name!!!!


  15. Opps, I meant 'LV's cousin' not SIL.


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