Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snowy Announcement

The following Sunday LV came to pick me up to go to a neighboring church district. John decided he would attend that church as well and took Fern and the little buggy. It was a grey morning with a hint of a possible snow storm on the way.

There was a reason we had picked this particular district to visit. It was the day my best friend Rachel was having her engagement announced. Her wedding would be only two days before ours. She had asked me to have a special part in her wedding and I was happy to accept.

After church was over and the engagement announced I watched as Rachel drove off with her boyfriend.  LV drove up soon and we left to go to a friends house for lunch. Soon after lunch it started snowing, big flakes that immediately started piling up amazingly fast.

We decided not to stay for the evening singing and start on our twelve mile home. The snow was already deep enough that our horse couldn't run. Walking slowly he kept pulling the buggy through the snow. We had the whole road to ourselves since there was a foot of snow and growing deeper by the minute. By the time we got home there was almost thirty inches of snow on the ground. LV stopped by the house to drop me off and I floundered my way into the house while he went out to the barn to unhitch the horse.

Our horse had longer legs than the one John had been driving. We were starting to be afraid that the snow may be too deep for even a a horse to get through and when he finally showed up over an hour later we were relieved.

I hoped the roads would be open by the next morning because we had to go meet the bus. Aunt Lydia and cousin Esther were coming to help with wedding preparations since Mom had broken her foot.


  1. How nice that you had relatives to come help when your mom could not.
    The snow storm of yesteryear sounds a little like what's been going on in the country lately.

  2. What a storm, sounds familiar here lately. lol Was looking at the recipes, I don't think I could stomach the octopus, maybe if I didn't know what it was. And I love mexican cornbread. Actually I love any kind of cornbread. I have memories of eating leftover cornbread crumbled up in a glass of milk. Good memories! But I don't like the sweet cake kind. lol

    until next time... nel

  3. Storms in true life, storms in stories. I love your blog.
    I don't think Octopus was made to
    eat. UG! But a lot of people feel the same about alligator and it is eaten here in Louisiana. I don't eat it.

  4. I must admit that my nose crinkled at the thought of octopus! None for me thanks!

    It's nice having family who can lend extra hands when you need them.

  5. That trip home could have taken place right now! You must have been freezing! Blessings, Joanne

  6. I got married in one of those Ozark ice storms.

    I was so glad to run across you today! How are ya doin'???

    My life has been totally turned upside down the past few months but I think things are about to even out. I like even! Heeheehhee!!!

    Are ya still in our great state or did you get your place sold?

    God bless ya and have a warm fuzzy kinda day sweetie!!!

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  8. Brrrrrr! I am assuming LV made it home as well after the horse had a good long rest.

    First Rachel's wedding and then your's ... best friends' weddings just a few days apart! I had to change the date of my wedding (pleny early enough) because a friend had also chosen "our" date! We figured it out that she and her fiance' had chosen it first, so we were fine with changing it. Turned out to be the most perfect day for a wedding!

  9. Hi ! Came by for a quick visit.Will be back to read more of your stories. Anything Amish or Mennonite -ish interests me greatly.What a beautiful blog - content and soft background colours! Love it!
    Have an awesome day. :)

  10. Okay, I know this is an old post and I just discovered your blog the other day so I've been reading through it, but...I really hope Rachel didn't marry the jerk that she thought she had to because of the tornado!

    1. Unfortunately, she did get married to him. Her wedding had the air of a funeral. The look on her face on her wedding day still haunts me.


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