Saturday, October 16, 2010

Random Funny Moments

As a mother there are so many things that you do without really thinking. Multitasking seems to be the order of the day. With Sunbeam being six already I can tell a big difference in meal times, since we no longer have to spend half of the time helping the children with their food.

I was reminded of how absent minded we mothers can become when we were at a gathering of friends and family. A nice meal had been prepared and the one dish was a big casserole made with potatoes with a delicious sauce and then tiny biscuits covering the top. We all filled our plates and sat at makeshift tables to eat. Sitting next to me was a busy mother. Everyone was talking and we were all having a good time when all of a sudden she surprised me by reaching over into my plate with her spoon and got my single little biscuit and ate it.

After the initial what?!  I had to restrain myself from bursting out and laughing. She never realized what she had done and I knew with years of having little ones hanging on her skirts and sitting next to her she was probably used to helping her children out when ever their plate was too full and it was purely habit.

I have been laughing at this all week when ever I happened to relive the moment.
Rosebud loves to read and with her own library card she can check out ten books each week. Having read several different series she asked me what I used to read when I was her age.

She had already read most of the books that I was familiar with but was excited to find the Five Little Peppers series which I used to love. She brought the first book home and curled up on the recliner to read it. An hour later she came and gave the book to me saying wearily. "Mom, I just can't read this book. It's like trying to eat a big bowl full of mashed potatoes all by myself."
Sunbeam: Mom is my voice as big as my hair?"

Me: "Sometimes. Why?'

Sunbeam dejectedly: "Sailor said so."
Short pause then brightly: I just have to practise being a little lady!
Sailor talking about how steam engines work and life in frontier towns to Rosy while she was trying to write a poem. Frustrated about having to listen to something she has no interest in she asked him if he could please let her think.
Sailor: It's hard not to talk about it when my head is so full of ideas.
Rosebud matter of factly: If you would keep your mouth closed your ideas wouldn't fall out.
Me: Giggle


Happy Times said...

Too funny! I'm not sure I could have been quiet if someone would have started eating off of my plate! Did you finish eating your meal?

Sounds like your children have a vivid imagination. Fun times!

Blessings said...

Love posts like this one.
Eating from your plate was without blinking an eye was hilarious!

Heather said...

HAHAH! My hubby infomred me one night that I do NOT need to cut up his food.

quiltingnana said...

funny stories!

The Wallace Family said...

These made me laugh! Thanks for sharing! =)Holly

AverettLadyNana said...

Those are priceless...the one about the lady eating off of your plate makes me wonder if I have ever done that and Rosy's telling her brother how to keep his ideas from falling out!! I know someone I could use that saying on earlier tonight...

Sharon Marie said...

Kids say the cutest things sometimes. Reading this post brought to mind some cute things my now grown sons did when they were small. :) Where does time go!

Le blog de marylin said...

A young hello to you in passing,
A good day
Best regards marylin

Mountain Mama said...

I love hearing the cute things children say. Thanks for sharing.

Cheryl said...

The things that children say are so precious. Brings back memories! Thanks for sharing how you preserved your apple cider. I will be canning mine this week. Hope you can get some fresh cider:o)

Stepheny Weaver said...

I enjoyed reading some of your past posts!

Thank you so much for your comment on Marvellous are Thy Works! I always enjoy hearing from people. HOw did you find my blog?


Peggy said...

This is just too funny! From your adult friend who helped you eat your food to the cutest conversations of your children! I enjoy my visits here :-)

Dee said...

Love your neighbour 'stealing' your biscuit, but even better was Rosy telling Sailor to 'keep your mouth closed your ideas wouldn't fall out'.

Jeanette Levellie said...

I laughed OUT LOUD when I read the story about the friend stealing your biscuit--too funny!!! I would not have kept quiet on that one!!!

Your children inherited your gift of paiting word pictures, my dear. So precious. Thanks for sharing.

Happy Week to you!
Audience of ONE

Flowers of Life said...

giggles,,,hope it wasn't me LOL..
isn't it great to hear our children come up with grand ideas

regina said...

This made my day. Thank you for a good laugh on a rough Monday!

EBet said...

Little every day things can be so funny!I love The Five Little Peppers

Monica @The Mennobrarian said...

Sailor is going to be a genius with that head full of ideas. You wait. And I love hearing about children with library cards, of course.

A Joyful Chaos said...

Flowers of Life, don't worry it wasn't you. :)

Lucy Honeychurch said...

A good friend of mine once licked her finger and tried to wipe a mark off my face. As I stepped back she realised what she was doing, burst out laughing and blushed from ear to ear. We both laughed so much that tears rolled down our cheeks. Your biscuit story has a familiar ring to it.:) I wonder whether the lady you sat next to woke up in the middle of the night and realised what she had done.

Laura said...

Good Morning!
Such a precious post! The memories we have...especially of our children...are such a gift from our Lord.
Sweet blessings,

Janie said...

Out of the mouths of babes comes truth... and sometimes the ideas that fall out!

Felipe and Dana~ Heirs together of the grace of life. Parents to 10 children said...

I would say that Miss. Rosy knows how to get her point across!