Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New Transportation

With John starting instruction class to join church he also started going to the Sunday evening singings. Which meant that LV and I would no longer be riding together since it was against the rules for courting couples to see each other more than once every other week and up until then they had made an exception to the rule since I didn't have a brother old enough to give me a ride to the singings.

On one hand I was glad for John that he was old enough to join the youth group but on the other hand I really wished that LV and I could still ride together.

After a few singings with riding to and from the singing with John we decided to make that John and I and LV would be the last two buggies to leave after the singings and as soon as we were out of sight of anyone we would stop beside the road and I would hop off of our buggy and join LV in his buggy.

It was great to be able to ride with each other and it wasn't long before we had both horses trained to walk very slowly as soon as I switched buggies. Sitting next to LV, I was sure I was the happiest girl in Somerset County as we talked and sang or simply enjoyed sitting next to each other.

Once we neared home we would pull over, LV and I said our good-byes and I joined John on our buggy and we continued home where I would help John unhitch our horse and we would head into the house where I would fix a snack and we would sit at the kitchen table and visit for a little while before heading for our beds.

John was a loyal brother and helped keep my rides with LV a secret.


  1. Awwww.....I have 3 great brothers, myself, and recently welcomed an equally great brother-in-law!

  2. Great Story...I enjoyed reading it...thanks for sharing...blessings

  3. I wonder how many other Amish couples did the same and nobody ever found out.

  4. I love this story. What a great brother you have! Did your parents ever find out, or is that for another post?

    I entered you in my book giveaway. Thanks for stopping by my blog,

  5. What a sweet post~love my brother so much too!
    Hope you are having a lovely Autumn's day~

  6. I always wished I had a big brother as I was the oldest. Instead, I had a little brother that I love half to death and now - four boys! And one husband. The Lord knew I'd get all the 'brothers' I could handle one day. :)

  7. Oh thi s is so sweet, just like in India.

  8. It really is amazing how rules in the different Amish communities vary. In my home community, we joined the Amish young people before we joined church. Also, we didn't have the rule about being allowed to date only on the young man's church Sunday... dates happened on all Sunday nights.

    Another rule that was different in your community is the one about not being allowed to ride to the singings with your date, especially after they started "going steady."

    Funny, most people in Geauga County would think that Somerset County is more liberal with their rules, just by the fact that they have a church house, but I'm finding many of your rules were stricter.

    Great stories...


  9. I know that you and LV had grown up together, but how do courting couples get to know each other if they can only date twice a month?


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