Thursday, October 28, 2010

Our Afternoon

We had a different kind of day than planned when I got up this morning. Everything was going according to plan and for a pleasant change, even ahead of schedule, when my husband called saying that he had a breakdown and needed to go get parts and if we wanted to he would swing by to pick us up and we could go with him to his job site while he makes repairs.

As a rule I don't like seeing where he is working until the job is done. It makes what he does seem a little less dangerous that way. But today, being such a gorgeous fall day I couldn't say no.

The narrow trail with extreme drop offs had me gasping and squeezing my eyes shut and I was actually glad once we came to the point where we had to park the truck and walk the remaining half mile.

This old house hidden deep in the woods and abandoned years ago fascinated me and I was glad I had remembered to grab the camera.  
Once we got to the breakdown and my husband started the repairs the girls and I decided to start walking back since he wanted to finish his skid of logs. The skid trail is dusty and the girls loved walking through it with their bare feet.

Once we got to the truck we waited for a few minutes until my husband came with the next turn of logs. He came over and asked me to drive the truck to the landing. Normally I jump at the chance to get to drive the truck but not on this scary trail. He was kind enough to drive it over the worst part while I once again cowered shamelessly as we crept across a narrow bridge with only inches to spare and a good twelve foot drop. After we crossed the bridge I managed to manuver the truck all the way to the landing while he brought the logs.

I think we all enjoyed the afternoon but now I have to think of something to do tomorrow to erase all those images from my mind when he goes back to work.


  1. OH bless your heart, I know what you mean. Living in Arkansas my ex skidded logs for awhile and it was very scary and dangerous!
    until next time... nel

  2. Did it cause you to have bad dreams last night? My hubby hunts rattlesnakes. For anyone about to get upset, we have more than enough to hunt a few. They can have up to twenty babies a year and according to my yard this year, we haven't hurt the population. Anyway, every year the first time that I go with him I have nightmares that night. It only happens that first time and then my mind says it's ok to sleep again.

  3. I love that house picture!! What a neat little find. I bet your husband tells you 100 times a day, "Oh, it's fine!" - my husband thinks most things aren't a big deal which really ARE. Prepare yourself now to have three teenage drivers in the house - talk about sleepless nights. Like I tell them, "It's not you I worry about - it's everybody else out there." I'm sure prayer is a huge part of your day. :D Have a good weekend ~ ♥

  4. Love the picture of the old house...if only walls could talk..I am sure there would be many stories to tell there. Sweet picture of your girls too....blessings on your weekend....Shelley

  5. That old house is intriguing. The long, narrow vertical windows remind me of a school or church. When my husband does a logging job, I just tell myself he's out cutting wood. It's the sanitized version of what's going on.

  6. As an Environmental Conservation Officer (the gamewarden), my husband used to have to traverse some scary roads and climb up and down steep embankments on foot. I tried not to worry and for the most part, I did ok. The year before he retired, I had a phone call while I was at prayer meeting and he was still working ... to meet him at the emergency room! He had fallen down an embankment and landed on his head in a ditch of water. He was pulled out; "came to" and ... ready for this?... DROVE HIMSELF TO THE ER!!

    I can not tell you how glad I am that he is semi retired and now working part-time as a local deputy for the sheriff's department!

    Prayer is essential :-)

  7. My stomache is in knots just from reading your story. Several years ago we attended a little church way up in the mountains. In order to get there we had to drive for about an hour on a dirt/gravel windy road that had sheer cliffs and steep turns. I know what you must have been feeling! Thank the Lord for His protection!!!! Also, a scripture mentioned Sunday in church was 2 Tim. 1:7. It's a good one to remember when feeling fearful about something. :o)


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