Monday, August 9, 2010

Who Did It?

The new addition to our woodworking shop made everything much nicer for us. We could still hear the machinery from the house but the noise wasn't as bad since it was no longer in the basement.

The basement now held several large lumber bins and stored all the other shop supplies.

It had taken quite some time to get all the hydraulic and air systems hooked up and the dust collecting system connected. But once everything was ready Daddy always liked to get up early and walk through the shop and showroom every morning before breakfast to make sure everything was in order.

One winter morning as he sat down at the breakfast table he asked us who had been playing in the finishing room. We all said we hadn't been in the finishing room.  Daddy told us rather sternly that someone had been in the finishing room and drilled a hole through the wall and there was sawdust on a newly finished table top and he would now have to refinish the table.  We still all denied knowing anything about it.

Daddy pushed his plate back and asked us to come with him. As we entered the finishing room we saw the hole he had been talking about. and felt bad that a new table had to be redone because of the sawdust that had dried into the finish.

As we all stood there looking at it none of us knew who drilled the hole, when all of a sudden Daddy noticed another hole in the opposite wall close to the ceiling. At that discovery we looked around some more and discovered a hole in the windowsill. The holes were all lined up with each other so we went into the showroom and looked to see if we could find any more holes.

Following the path we found a chair with a hole in it's back and finally in the far wall we found a lodged bullet.

Daddy bent down and retrieved the bullet and then turned and looked at us.He apologized for immediately thinking one of us had drilled a hole in the wall and said how thankful he was that no one had been in the way when that bullet had made it's journey through the building.

We never found out who was responsible for the straying bullet but always assumed that since it had been deer season at the time it was only bad aim by some careless hunter.


  1. so glad no one was hurt...what a story!

  2. Wow, scary story.
    I love the background of your blog, it is so pretty.

  3. G'day JC ~ That would rattle ones cage, good! So lucky no one was in the shop at the time. Poor Dad, I bet he was so relieved when he realized what had happened.

    I know I've been slack, I apologize, but I am catching up with you, now, my friend.

    Have a beautiful day ~
    TTFN Hugs, Marydon

  4. Wow. SO amazing no one had been there! Thank God!

  5. Just another reader who's always excited to see another story of yours about growing up Amish.
    Read all your back posts last week, but that means I now have to wait for new posts!

  6. Wow! That gave me chills. Someone was very irresponsible. Glad no one got hurt!

  7. Oh my word!! My brothers always used a BB gun in the basement and put a target on the wall. We'd find lost BBs for YEARS after that, but nothing as serious as a real bullet! So glad you were all OK ~ ♥

  8. Oh, no...I would have never guessed that one bullet can make such a big hole and through so many pieces all in one trip? What the heck did they fire off - a canon?

    Wow, I bet that must've been scary for your dad to realize that you guys could have been hit by that...I HATE hunting!!!

    Have a great week and I love your stories :-)

    Doris and Gizzy

  9. I love that your dad apologized, Mary Ann! ~Suzanne Fisher


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