Thursday, August 19, 2010

Shopping Trip

For a week I had been really looking forward to this day. Mom and I were going on a shopping spree she had won to a variety of stores in the town of Somerset.

I had never been to Somerset before and could hardly wait to experience a town much bigger than the small ones surrounding us.

As I watched the windows for the driver to come I could scarcely contain my excitement. Mom was sweeping our already clean kitchen floor for the third time that morning and I suddenly realized she was just as excited as I was about our day of shopping.

When the driver came we said hurried good-byes to Daddy and we were on our way.

The Georgian Place mall was more lovely than I had ever imagined. Situated on top of the mountain it looking out across the lake. After using our gift certificates at the mall buying new towels, dishes, books, and many other things we discovered we were quite hungry and went to a nice restaurant and then headed to Wal-Mart where we had a nice big gift card to spend.

We stocked up on a lot of things, but the best thing in the cart were several rolls of paper towels. Up to this point in my life we had never had paper towels in our home and putting them on the check-out counter made me feel rich.

We got home and put everything away and found space on the kitchen counter for our paper towels. We used them sparingly, saving them only to clean up the messiest of messes. After they had all been used we didn't want to go back to using rags and from that point on, paper towels made a regular appearance on our grocery lists.


  1. Funny how such little things in life can make one so happy!

  2. That story reminds me of my mom - she has a "thing" for pretty paper napkins. She won't use a paper towel for a napkin she wants a pretty paper one. She says it was from growing up on a farm with only old towels to be used for napkins - it is funny how the little things can make you happy lol.

  3. oh the things we take for grated. what a cute story about the simplest of things. thanks for sharing all of your stories!

  4. I had to chuckle because I use rags instead of paper towels. I still have paper towels in the house because hubby likes them available, but I use rags most of the time. Then again, it's no problem just to toss them into the washing machine.

  5. It's amazing how the little things we often take for granted can mean so much to someone else.

    Great story. Thanks for sharing.


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