Monday, May 31, 2010

Around Our Home

As a little girl and growing up I always admired rhododendron bushes that seemed to flourish in almost everybody's front yard except ours. Once they started blooming it was a sure sign that spring had come to stay and it was safe to venture out into the garden to plant things. 

Since we moved I'm really enjoying this huge rhododendron bush by our front porch steps. The butterflies and bumblebees seem to enjoy it too.

Thunderstorms ruined plans for any Memorial Day outdoor activities. We didn't have any plans like that so we were fine but time at the computer wasn't an option either. 

The steady downpour of rain had the waterfall gushing torrents of muddy water and the creek soon spilled over it's banks.

I am rejoicing that The unpacking and organizing is finally over. The children however had a lot of fun before we refastened the doors and drawers to our big heavy oak cupboard.

Relaxing after a day of unpacking.

Perfect place to read a good book.
Sunbeam came running into the house with this flower. It was about 5 inches in diameter. Does anyone have any idea what kind of flower it is? It isn't really my choice of color but we all thought it was very pretty.


  1. Thanks for sharing your photos. The rhododendron is huge and so pretty! Is that some kind of day lily? I'm not a flower expert but that would be my guess. Happy Memorial Day!

  2. Your mystery flower looks like a late parrot tulip to me... but it is quite late.

  3. I like the rhododendron, and the gently rolling hills of your new home.
    I like Sunshine's flower, too, but I have no idea what it is.

  4. I was going to say tulip, also, but I am not for sure. Great pics from around your place!

  5. The timing and the leaf shape scream day lily. But definitely not your average variety.

  6. Gorgeous photos and that flower is amazing!

  7. Loved admiring the beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing!

  8. My, that was a lot of rain. I'm not very good with names of flowers but that one is so vibrant and lovely.

  9. **geek alert**
    I think that flower is a parrot tulip, too. Here's a page with pictures of them:

    Someone else suggested it might be a daylily but here's a picture of one, a slightly different color than your flower:

    The little "tower" inside your flower that has three arms at the top is called the pistil. Your flower's pistil is identical to the one in the second pic on that site. I'll bet the stamens, the little stalks that have powder-covered thingies at the ends, are the same as what you can see peeking out of the flower in the center pic, too. They don't look to me like the up-curving stamens of the daylily.
    **end geek alert**

    I love the pics of your kids in the cupboard. I used to tuck myself in the bottom of the rolling cart in my grandmother's farm kitchen and fall asleep just like Sunbeam. My aunt gave me the photo she had of me doing that when my grandmother passed on and we laugh over it often. Your pics are definitely keepers!

  10. Don't know about the flower, but it is beautiful! Your pictures are beautiful. As long as there isn't a tornado with those storms... I love to look at storm pictures. I just love the one with the barn. In the midst of the storm... it is so serene... much like God's love.

  11. Good Morning!
    I just love your pictures...the rhododendron bush is gorgeous! I've been trying to root several shoots from a rhododendron and an azalea...hope they both take!
    Have a blessed day,

  12. It`s my first time visiting your lovely blog...
    I too love Rhoddendron plants. Although sadly mine died last year!
    Hence really enjoying seing yours!


  13. Very Pretty Pictures! It is most definitely a tulip! Here is a website that shows many different varieties of yellow/red tulips that look similar to that one.
    Love your blog! -Anna

  14. I just love reading your blog. The way you write about your memories is so interesting and the obvious love for your family just leap out of the page. Unfortuantely I can't see the photos on your site any more - I've tried explorer and firefox. Love the new background by the way! Have a great day.

  15. So glad you live with such an exquisite rhody. My family lives amongst maybe, sixty or more. Most were planted when I was a child, others, before I was born. This spring I spent many hours reserching the species for identification. I think I've nail half of them!

    Rhododendrons serve as a lovely evergreen backdrop all winter and give such a spring show, don't they!

  16. Do you have Amish in your neighborhood?

  17. Gorgeous children so sweet in their nooks and the flower is amazing. I love the look and feel of where you live now! Can't wait to see more.

  18. Love the photo of your darlings in the cupboards. Precious indeed!

    I adore rhodies, too.
    We have a bush of fuschia colored ones near our back door.

    If you ever visit Portland, Oregon, they have a wonderful rhodedendron garden there.


  19. What beautiful pictures. I love the one of the barn. I am a barn nut tho... And the ones of your kids in the cupboard...precious! Thank you for sharing! It looks like your area is absolutely breathtaking! Enjoy!
    until next time... nel

  20. Glad you are settling in. I believe the flower Sunbeam is holding is a parrot tulip--it is gorgeous!

  21. I'm not good at knowing flower names. It is very pretty though.

    The children are too cute in their little hideaways.


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