Friday, April 2, 2010

Life Goes On

As the school term ended Mom turned down the request to teach grammar classes again the next year. I was a little sad that she wouldn't be back but I knew she would be extra busy once the baby came.

Summer passed swiftly with a lot of work that needed to be done, our garden was even bigger than the previous year, customers to our store were increasing steadily and there were baby clothes that needed to be made.

When school started I was amazed at how relaxing it seemed to be in the eighth grade and not have to worry about LV since he had graduated. Everything was in a comfortable routine and I was enjoying school more than I ever had before. I did wish I could be at home to cuddle our new baby once it arrived.

A few days before Christmas we were once again awakened early and sent to Grandpa Masts. I was excited knowing that finally after waiting for so long I would be getting my baby sister. Mom and Daddy had told me if it's a girl I would be allowed to choose the name. I already had it picked out and was looking forward to announcing it. There was a pile of pink blankets and sleepers waiting to welcome her.

When we came home from school Mom was in her bed waiting to show us the new baby. As we stood around the bed she handed the baby to me and said. "Say hello to Ivan."  I held him and wondered how it's possible a newborn could be that ugly. Not only was he red and wrinkly but on his forehead there was an ugly birthmark.

I immediately knew it was my fault Ivan had a birthmark because I had talked about the accident Mom had at school when we had been playing baseball. Once the boys had gone back to the shop with Daddy I told Mom I was sorry that I caused the birthmark. She assured me it wasn't my fault. I asked if it always leaves a birthmark when a mother gets hurt before the baby is born. She said it doesn't always happen that way but it can. The birthmark on Aunt Emma's arm came from Grandma spilling some boiling water on her arm before Emma had been born. One of my friends was blind in her one eye because her mother had panicked and over reacted when a rooster had pecked her son's eye.

Thankfully Ivan's birthmark faded and by the time he was several months old there was only a faint mark there and with time even that disappeared.


  1. I have been gone so it took me a while to catch up on your post.
    I enjoy reading it.
    I never heard that about birthmarks that was so interesting.
    Thanks for sharing your story.

  2. I discovered your blog last week and have been enjoying reading your back posts. Very interesting! Thank you for sharing your stories!

  3. Hello, I did not understand everything difficult to translate, I understood that a girl had been born, then welcome to her! I wish you a good party(holiday) of Easter all
    Friendship and peace in your hearts

  4. It must have been so thrilling for you to have a new baby in the family even if it wasn't a sister.
    I remember when my baby sister was born and how I felt. First I was afraid then very upset because she didn't have a neck that I cold see.

  5. Stopping by to wish you a beautiful Easter!

    He is risen.

  6. I think they call those birthmarks on the forehead "stork bites" among the non-Amish and yep, they usually fade. I love hearing old wives tales and I hadn't heard that one before! I like the one about if your hand itches it means you're going to be getting money ~ I keep hoping my hand will itch!! Have a wonderful Easter ~ ♥

  7. Many thanks for your wonderful blog. I've had an interest in the Amish way of life ever since I heard of it. In the UK we don't have anyone, that I know of, who lives a Plain life so I found it intriguing. Thank you for your insights and gentle spirit.

    I'm glad to hear that the temporary birth mark disappeared and that that particular Old Wives' Tale, as they are termed over here, was proved incorrect.

    I've read your blog from the beginning today and shall continue through tomorrow until I am up to date - thank you again for this blog, it is an absolute delight.


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