Monday, August 3, 2009

Of Songs and Properties

Several weeks after our first trip to Somerset County, Daddy and Mom went back to do some land shopping. They left the three of us children at Uncle Eli's.

Eli and Sadie never had any children of their own and were happy to have us stay with them. Sadie had a lot of fun things for us to play with. The first day was very enjoyable, by the second day we had already played with everything they had and were beginning to miss Mom and Daddy.

By the third day we were bored and very homesick. I was sitting on their little rocking chair, rocking my doll and singing cute little children's songs to it, but my heart wasn't in it. And so I started singing a song that I had heard Mom sing occasionally. " Tell me why my Daddy don't come home" I started singing it lustily, but the words were too real as I sang the next line, "I know I'm much to big to cry" my eyes started burning a little and my voice started quavering. I went on. "Why don't he come and play with me again" Tears were rolling down my cheeks and I could hardly go on. "Mommy, why did Daddy say good-bye?" By the time I got done all three of us were crying. And we immediately started singing it again though we were sobbing as we wailed out the words.

Sadie had been ironing but came to try to cheer us up. We weren't in the mood to smile and be happy as all three of us wailed out the words again "Mommy, why did Daddy say good-bye?" And then paused to cry loudly again. Finally Sadie told us we aren't allowed to sing that song again since we have to cry and got us occupied with something else.

After supper that evening Daddy and Mom came to get us and go home. It seemed wonderful to be with them again. After we got home they told us that they bought a property in Pennsylvania and we would be moving once springtime came. We were very excited at the prospect of a new adventure and went to bed happy to be safe with Daddy and Mom and eager to see what would happen once spring came.


  1. Aaaaaawwwwww how sad!!!!You almost made ME cry. snif. Wait, maybe you did make me cry. I'm glad you got to go home.

  2. So sad and so happy!!! Childhood is like this...
    Looking forward to getting to know you and reading your journal.

  3. I know this feeling very well. i remind on my childfood or on the way my children growing up as the same situation actually.

  4. You made me get a lump in my throat! I never heard that song,but it sounds like a tearjerker! I thought of my dear friend and her two children since their daddy just left their mommy for some young girl! UGH! The trials we face in life!! Natalie,

    Have a "BLESSED" week!

  5. I'm sad for you because you were sad, but I couldn't help but chuckle that you were singing that song about a daddy leaving for good and yours was coming home any minute!! No wonder your aunt said enough is enough. I was with babysitters a LOT as a kid and sometimes it did feel like parents were gone forever! CUTE story ~

  6. Very funny story. Very funny! Mmmmm you weren't by any chance a Drama Queen were you? I'm getting a sense from some of your stories that hyperbole could maybe be your middle name, as a child of course.


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