Thursday, August 20, 2009

A New School

After everyone had gone home after unloading the semi, Mom told us we can explore the house while she starts making supper.

There wasn't much to see downstairs since there were only two rooms. A kitchen/dining room and a living room. We went upstairs and found two bedrooms a large hallway and a bathroom. In the one bedroom there was a door, when we opened it we found a stairway that lead to the attic. We walked up the steps and then stood there and looked. There were piles of boxes and baskets of every shape, size, and color. We started looking at everything and long before we were ready Daddy came to find us and it was time to go eat.

After supper they tucked us in bed. John and David had a room but my twin size bed was in the hallway so that it where I had to sleep. Mom said she would make curtains to go around my bed later but for now this was the best they could do.

Morning came before I was ready. Mom packed a lunch for John and me and made sure our faces were clean. A few minutes later there was a knock at the door. Mom went to answer it, three boys were standing there each holding a lunch pail and wearing a straw hat. Their ears were bright red from the cold. Mom invited them inside and they introduced themselves. The oldest was Melvin, then Vernon, and the youngest LV Melvin visited politely with Mom and she got us ready for our cold walk to school. John wore his stocking cap and looked warm and cozy compared to the straw hats the boys were wearing.

We started for school. The wind was cold but the sun was bright and almost hurt my eyes with the brightness of the fresh white snow. John and I were getting tired. A mile seemed like a long distance especially since we weren't used to it. Melvin and Vernon walked with us but LV after a few minutes gave us a disdainful look and marched on ahead.

After what seemed like a long time we finally arrived just as the last bell was ringing. We hurried into the schoolhouse and hung our wraps on hooks the teacher pointed out to us. As everyone else found their seats John and I stood at the back not knowing what to do. The teacher smiled at us and said "My name is Hannah. We are all very happy to have you in school today. I have two desks that are waiting for a boy and girl to use." I liked her immediately and we followed her to our desks. I sat at the end of a long row and John sat at the very front. Right across the aisle from me sat LV Since he was no longer wearing his hat I could see his hair and almost had to giggle. They were extremely curly and resembled a shelf. I looked around at the other children and then had to look at those hair again. LV must have realized I was looking at him more than necessary because he looked over and made a face and then went back to the project he was working on.

When it was time to go home Melvin and Vernon once again walked patiently with us. LV didn't even bother trying but ran all the way and by the time we were on the top of the first little hill he was already disappearing from sight on a small dirt road almost half a mile ahead of us.

(The road to school from the small dirt road. The schoolhouse is hidden from view in the hollow.)


  1. You are just so darn cute - you say little things that just sound "Amish", like "those hair" and believe me, that is NO insult - it gives such an authentic flavor to your writing and I just love it! Great story - it's hard to believe it was only like what, 20-25 years ago?? Love it ~ ♥

  2. Oh my. I can only imagine the anticipation and all the emotions you had when you walked into your new classroom!

    Thanks for sharing this memory.

  3. I am enjoying your stories so much. I know you have a family to take care of and just can't write all day, but I wish you could :)

  4. I am behind and MUST catch up! Won't be able to this weekend but I will. I LOVE the stories!!

  5. I can remember a walk like that every day back in UK, when I first went to the village school.
    Lovely writings, I'm so enjoying reading.

  6. I cannot tell you how much I am enjoying learning about your life. If this were in novel form...I would be up all night reading it! Thank you for sharing your life with us. Blessings~Sharon


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