Monday, May 2, 2022


Reading ...  in the Bible I'm in the middle of Luke.  In other books I'm enjoying several different ones at the moment. 

Will the Circle be Unbroken by Sean Dietrich. I'm only at the very beginning of the book, but so far it's great and I have no doubt I will continue to love it. I don't remember when I first became aware of Sean Dietrich, but one of my friends shared something he wrote on Facebook and I looked at his public page and loved all the columns he wrote so I started following him. Last summer as we were going through my Mom's battle with cancer and her funeral etc, Sean was writing about his beloved mother-in-law as she was dying. He put thoughts and feeling into words that I was feeling, and everyday I'd hop onto Facebook to read his latest post. I still always take time to read everything he posts on Facebook. Because of that, when I discovered his book at the library I swooped it up and look forward to enjoying it from cover to cover.

I got some of my Mom's cookbooks. I'm loving looking through them and reading the little notes she jotted next to the recipes she tried. I still like Amish cookbooks even though I prefer pictures alongside the recipes instead of only in my imagination

Writing ... text messages, emails, letters, blog posts, and per Steven's request I've been working on the Aaron Yoder book. He read the Lily books and really wanted to hear things from Aaron's childhood and his point of view.  I've been having a lot of fun with it so far.

Watching ... the Spring Baking Championship. I enjoy watching the talented bakers and get inspired to keep learning new things. 

Listening ... to the birds singing in the trees around the house. There's a little house finch sitting on a branch right outside the kitchen window singing away so beautifully. You can listen to its song here.

Baking ... there's a fresh batch of sugar cookies on the kitchen table. Rosie Mae topped some of them with a pale pink icing and wants to package them up to gift to her friend who had a baby. I have my pizzelle maker out and want to make a batch of pizzelles later today. I'm wanting to try a new flavor, but haven't quite decided what that will be.

Cooking ... for supper tonight there will be stuffed peppers, salad, and then cookies for dessert.

Feeling ... happy and hopeful, and slightly guilty. The slightly guilty feeling is comeing from the fact that I never hit the publish button for the Y and Z posts in the A -Z April blogging challenge. They're still sitting in my drafts folder, but at this point I think I'll just leave them there and pull them out next April.

Disliking ... the potholes on one of the local roads. They're deep. There's an abundance of them. It's nearly impossible to avoid all of them without simply avoiding the road entirely.

Loving ... this gorgeous spring weather! Sunshine, green grass, flowers, baby calves, and everything spring entails. It's such a happy time of year!

Playing ... later today we'll be playing Menu Mash-up. It's a fun little game where you try to create tasty sounding dishes from the cards you drew. Steven got it from our game shelves this morning and the girls and I agreed to play it with him this afternoon.

Cleaning ... other than the daily dozen ... on the agenda for this week is to clean and organize our roll top desk. It's a task that has been getting pushed back for long enough.


  1. When my grandmother died, I inherited a passel of cookbooks from the 20s, 30s, and 40s. From the Depression to the shortages of WWII. I swear, she could have fed the entire Bonus Army with a pound of ground beef and a handful of oatmeal!

    FWIW, The Squire and I pulled everything out of the pantry yesterday. Yeesh! I found things that expired in 2018! A while back, I opened a box of cheesecake mix that had a coupon inside that expired in 2002! We gave it to the animals.

    Lady Anne

  2. Sounds like a lot of great things going on in your life right now.


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