Friday, April 22, 2022

S ~ Scars

     I have a few scars that are still visible from my childhood.
    The first is on one of my knees. I earned it when I was six and decided to would be great fun to terrorize my brother by threatening to spray him with a hose nozzle.
    He could have known it was impossible since it wasn't actually attached to a hose, but he was screaming and running away from me.
    I was laughing and in hot pursuit until I tripped and fell in front of the barn. A small gravel imbedded itself in my knee.
    The fun of the chase ended abruptly, and it was now my turn to cry as I hobbled my way back to the house to have Mom clean and patch me up.
    The scar of that silly episode remains.

    The second scar was acquired when my teacher managed to convince me to try sledding down the steep hill behind the school house.
    I don't know how I managed, but somehow my hand got between the the snow and the 'sled' I was riding on. My mitten wore through and I was bleeding by the time I got to the bottom.
    That was my first and last time of sliding down that hill.
    I still see the scar every day.

    Those scars are visible reminders of certain incidents in my life.
    I have often wondered how we would look if emotional scars were visible as well. It's a sobering thought to me, and I really hope I haven't inflicted too many of those over the years.


  1. And our inner scars can be oh, so much more gruesome than our outer ones. I still have scars on my knees because I didn't listen to adult warnings, and ran down Stone Mountain. Of course, I tripped and fell. Lesson learned!
    Blessings, Mary Ann!

  2. I have a scar over my right eye that I got when I was about six. A little friend and I were playing on the seesaw, picking up interesting things from the ground when we were down and tossing them to the other person. She picked up a stone and I missed it, so it hit me right above my eye. I ran home bleeding, and in my mind, I can still see Mum coming out onto the back porch. She put her hand over her face and nearly fainted! It looked as if I'd lost my eye completely.

  3. I think for a lot of us it's a good thing the emotional scars aren't as visible.


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