Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Q ~ Quality

    Quality of service or in this case the lack of it is about to drive me batty.
    This year was the first time Sharon had to file taxes. She was pleased to be getting a refund. 
    How ever instead of the refund she got a letter from the IRS saying since she never filed taxes before she has to prove her identity. They gave a website and a number to call.
    The website will not accept her info since she's not yet eighteen.
    The phone number they provided hangs up every single time after about fifteen minutes and tells her to try again tomorrow.
    The local IRS office will not let you simply walk in, you have to make an appointment.
    The number to call to make the appointment, always transfers her to the number they provided in the letter.
    So round and round and round we go.
    The letter states we have to take care of the issue within thirty days.
    I don't see how that's possible unless they improve the quality of their service.
    Right now I would rate them zero stars, very stinky service.


  1. How annoying ~ Can you send a letter or email asking for an appointment?

    They don't make it easy do they...

  2. Government rarely does anything right. Hope you can resolve the problem!

  3. I suggest sending them a certified letter that they have to sign for, explaining the problem. That way if they give her a hard time in the future she can say she did the very best she could. The other thing to do is to touch base with a tax preparer, they might have some ideas.

  4. That's really frustrating. I hope you can get the situation resolved in time for her to get the refund she's entitled to. Customer service is terrible in a lot of places these days.


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