Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Life with Steven

    ... is never boring.
     Sunday evening as we were all relaxing doing our various things, he was engrossed in a cookbook.
    "Mom, do you think we could make dandelion jelly?" he asked, looking hopeful as he studied the recipe in front of him.
    I looked at required ingredients.
    Water ... check
    Lemon ... check
    Sugar ... check
    Pectin ... surprisingly ... check
    Dandelions ... check, as soon as we gather from the abundance growing in the yard.

   "Yes, I'll help you make it tomorrow," I told him.
    He was excited as we discussed our plans for the following day.

    We got up yesterday to a cold mix of rain and snow. That didn't keep Steven from bouncing out of bed early, eager to start on our plans for the day, only to discover all the dandelions had shut their blossoms as they endured the weather. 
    "I'm sorry," I said. "We'll just have to wait to make the jelly until a sunny day."
     He nodded his head and said, "That's why I like days so much. You never really know what is going to happen in them until it does. It's fun finding out!"


  1. We should all have that attitude!

  2. What a good attitude! It says a lot for the family that teaches him.

    1. Aw thanks! He inspired me though to be better about rolling with changes.

  3. Replies
    1. I think there's quite a bit of truth in the quote 'A Little child shall lead them.'

  4. I love Steven's positive attitude!

  5. That is such a great outlook on life.

  6. What a great attitude that young man has!

  7. Your post made me smile. Think I need to have more of his attitude and see the positive and stop being a control freak.

  8. That's a really good attitude to have! With an attitude like that you won't be disappointed all the time. Things happen and sometimes you have to wait a day or two. I had planned on trying to make some red bud jelly. I found a recipe on how to make it. Then I looked and discovered all of the blooms on the tree were gone! lol So I didn't get to make any this year. I'll try again next year. I hear it's really good. I did can some apples and some sweet potatoes this past month.

    1. Now I want to try red bud jelly too. I'll have to try to remember for next spring.


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