Thursday, May 21, 2020

Funny or Embarrassing?

As a mother it's surprisingly easy to embarrass your teens. I managed to do so again yesterday, somewhat spectacularly.

Our library announced that they'll be reopening their drive through for pick ups. I hadn't even realized they have a drive through feature, but with Rosie Mae having the day off work and a stack of requested books ready for me, I decided we'd go find it.

I pulled up alongside the building, past the book drops I had known existed to a window that was set back a little father than the rest of that side of the building. I stopped and the window slid open. The friendly librarians greeted me cheerfully before going to retrieve my books.

As the librarian leaned out her window with the first stack of books, I semi contorted myself and did a weird lunge stretch out my window to get them. In doing so my right foot hit the gas pedal, revving the engine in a most satisfyingly unladylike manner.

Rosie Mae shriveled down, willing herself to quietly disappear. Her dismay heightened by the fact her boss's wife was one of the librarians.

A few more lunges to receive the rest of my books, while successfully not hitting the gas pedal and we were on our way, with me way more amused than she was.


  1. It is surprisingly easy to embarrass your teenage children. My huge faux paux when our middle child was 16 was to take his hand to cross a busy street in downtown. It was a habit! He was mortified. :-). The story is told and retold in our family. Our youngest lives in Japan. We visited when he was 21 and as we crossed the busiest street in Tokyo, he grabbed my hand and held it for blocks. He said it was in honor of his brother. :-) Nothing embarrasses him.

  2. That made me smile how sensitive they are, bless her.

  3. As Betsy said, it's sooo easy to embarrass our kids. Can't tell you now many times our three girls said "MOM-maaaa, don't look at him, don't say that, don't fill-in-the-blank. Yeesh.

  4. That sounds like something I would do! My daughter is convinced that I live to embarrass her - I assure you I do not. I'm so grateful for our library curb side pick up. Between that and my garden, my sanity is so far intact. I am grateful.


  5. I can see why she'd be embarrassed, but I'm with you on finding it funny.


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