Saturday, August 17, 2019

Life with Steven

    I share little happenings on my Facebook, and decided I'd share a few of the most recent ones here as well.
We hardly ever have juice on hand unless we need it for a recipe. Yesterday a bottle of unsweetened cranberry juice appeared on the refrigerator shelf after a grocery run.
Steven eyed its sparkling beauty in eager anticipation of being allowed to drink the leftover once we used what we needed.
Steven: Can I have a little if I save enough for your recipe?
Me: I don't think you'll like it.
Steven doubtfully: Really? Short pause and then asks hopefully. Can I have a tiny taste?
I agreed and poured a small amount for him to try.
He slurped it down happily and then his eyes got big, he shuddered, and said solemnly: My tastebuds just had a horrible adventure!
Steven looks up from his schoolwork and says: Mom, you know how I make that writing in cursive is fun?
Me: How?
Steven: I pretend the letters are a roller coaster.
Me thinking: Oh! That explains all the squeals that were accompanying his writing this morning.
It started raining on the way home and I didn't turn on my windshield wipers immediately.
From the back seat comes Steven's voice: Um, Mom ... shouldn't you turn on your swishy whooshies?
I have a feeling the Kinsinger family has just found a new name for windshield wipers.


  1. This is wonderful! I think all parents should keep a journal of the things their children say. We think we will remember, but then going back to read it years later can bring so much laughter and happy memories!

  2. Aren't children wonderful!

    My favorite "phrase" from when my children were little is they would call Kleenex facial tissues "Knee-Nix". Every once in a while we still call it that - just for a laugh!

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Those are sweet little stories. Swishy Whooshies, I like that.Sounds so much more fun than windshield wipers.

  4. He is creative in his choice of words. When our son was small, he called the windshield wipers "water whips." I love it when they are in this stage

  5. Such sweet sayings from this young man. My grand doll has heard us talk about horse flies lately and while in with the pigs on Friday, she commented that the pig flies were trying to eat the pigs.

  6. I have loved seeing these stories on FB. Ever since I read about the windshield wipers I've been calling them "swishie wooshies"! I just can't help myself. I love hearing your kids comments. They are all so imaginative.

  7. I love those made-up words! Our eldest daughter called that thing in the park a water-spoutain for years.

  8. Oh how delightful. Your Steven says the best things.
    I love the tastebud adventures of the cranberry juice.
    Thanks for my Sunday morning smile.

  9. Love these... Thanks for sharing them!

  10. Wonderful family moments! I have a great nephew who would say "That's too tasty for me" when eating something spicy. Adorable! Enjoy the rest of your week.

  11. Poor Steven. Unsweetened cranberry juice will pucker up your face. I enjoyed reading about your sweet little son.


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