Monday, June 26, 2017

Becoming my Mother

   I always enjoyed unpacking and putting the groceries away when ever Mom went shopping. I would never know what new or unexpected thing I might find. Especially because she was afflicted with a certain shopping blindness that we all found amusing.
    Hardly a shopping trip passed without her coming home and discovering to her dismay, and our amusement that she had once again bought something she did not want. For example, a bag of regular all purpose flour mysteriously changed to self rising flour somewhere along the way home, because she was certain she had bought the right thing in the store. The pineapple chunks she had put in her cart were decidedly crushed when I removed them from the grocery bag. The dog food turned into kitty kibble. The list could go on for days, but you get the picture.
    Somehow I have mysteriously picked up this weird shopping blindness as well.
    Imagine my surprise to see this in the kitchen.

    I distinctly recall grabbing a pack of plain white paper towels at the store. How did they change to these ugly things on the way home?


  1. Haha that happens to me all of the time!

  2. It happens to me too. It must be something that happens "hormonally" when you become a mom. Ha!
    Blessings, Betsy

  3. My eldest daughter claims having babies destroys brain cells. It isn't so much bringing home the wrong stuff, as it is not being able to find something I *know* bloody well is in the house. And then, I go buy a second bag of coconut, cinnamon sticks, etc., come home, open the freezer, and put the new bag right on top of the one I couldn't find.
    At night, I swear I can hear my groceries laughing at me!

  4. That happened to me yesterday! I specifically pointed to the bag of cheese puffed corn at ALDI and when I unbagged it at home I found out I purchased plain.. I asked my daughter and she shrugged.. she has not realized that those shelving boxes often have more than one flavor in them.. ugh

  5. I wonder how many homes have the wrong paper towels lately? I distinctly remember seeing the "Select-a-size" label on the corner of a huge pack of them. Came home to find thirteen rolls of regular cut towels. I am so ussd to using the half towel size now, I keep ripping the regular ones, and this will have to go on for twelve more rolls. Ugh!

  6. My mom's weakness is leaving the oven on, and I inherited the trait as soon as I married!! Guess it happens to all of us!


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