Tuesday, November 15, 2016

10 Things That Make me Happy

  1. I don't think of myself as a cat person at all. I have absolutely no desire to pet or hold a cat, but there's something about our seven cats, and seeing how much the rest of the family loves them that makes me happy.
  2. Walking into a sparkling clean kitchen always makes me feel happy.
  3. Looking at the clock and seeing that I still have thirty minutes or so before bedtime to curl up in my favorite chair to read.
  4. Opening my email or Facebook and seeing a cheerful message from a friend always makes me smile.
  5. Rain, clouds, snow, fog .... basically any type of bad weather makes me feel happy. It evokes feelings of singing, crafting, baking, reading, games, and overall delightful family togetherness time. Even though I don't do all those things every time the weather is bad, I still get to enjoy the feeling.
  6. Having everyone gather around the supper table every evening always makes me feel happy and content.
  7. Spending time outside soaking in the beauty of nature.
  8. Homeschooling ... spending time with our children, and books, learning new things together.
  9. Sewing, crafting, cooking, baking for the ones I love.
  10. Conversations with our children. They cover a wide, wide range of topics. I really enjoy them so.

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  1. Wait... did I write this? This is me, even down to the 7 cats. I guess I'd have to admit I'm more of a "Spending time INSIDE soaking in the beauty of nature" type, but we have BIG windows, so it's really easy to do, and I have been outside for hours every day for weeks now (as in: now that it is cool enough to think straight), so that's close, right? Great list!!!


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