Monday, February 16, 2015

Amazing, Unbelievable

Lately my Facebook feed has been clogged with links to articles that have headlines ending with: and you won't believe what happens next.

There also seem to be a ton of videos being posted along the same line of how amazing, unbelievable, mind blown theme. Things that I assume the majority of people will not be amazed, or think it's unbelievable, and certainly not have their mind blown. I scroll past all this junk 99% of the time. 

The other day I started wondering. Am I getting to be sour, crusty, and no longer viewing life with the same enthusiasm as I used to? How would it be if I decided to spend a day with the same overboard enthusiasm as these headlines? I'd make my own headlines throughout a day, I decided.

Woman heats a simple pot of water, the results will amaze you! Which of-course are I made a batch of spaghetti and everyone gathered at the table to eat it.

Toddler bumps his head, you won't believe what happens next! He cries for a few seconds, rubs the tears from his eyes and announces, "I stopped crying, Mama!"

Woman washes all the windows in her house, you won't believe what happens next! Toddler decided he wants to wash them too and drags a dirty rag over half of them.

Son takes letter to mailbox, what happens next will blow your mind! The mailman picked it up and in a few days it will reach its destination.

My day continued like this for only a little while, because I became exhausted. The fake enthusiasm at having water come when I open a faucet, to every other ordinary little happening was too much.

There are things that do still amaze me.

When I look up at the star filled sky at night and know that God has given each a name.

When I see the beauty of nature, and I think of creation and how God spoke all of this into existence. Amazes me every time!

When I think of God's grace, love, and mercy. I'm humbled and amazed.

When I think of eternity. The unfathomable vastness of it. Always amazed.


  1. Oh so true. I have a friend that will only use the word awesome when referring to God. She said he is the only thing/person deserving our awe.
    And facebook exhausts me too. If it weren't such an easy way to keep up with distant family I think I'd give it up. But with a child in Japan, one on the East coast and one on the West coast, it's nice to be able to chat together instantly.

  2. You are spot on. I laughed with your thoughts of making our ordinary daily tasks into amazing happenings. I might try that!

  3. Ha, I agree with you. I rarely look at these links, because often it doesn't really blow my mind, and I don't think it's that amazing. I sometimes think FB gives us a skewed image of life. And your last couple of paragraphs are right on!

  4. Those links that begin with "You won't believe it!' and the like are called click bait. Supposedly Facebook is cracking down on them and not doing a very good job. At least they provided inspiration for this beautiful post.


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