Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. Labor Day weekend (in the US of A) is approaching...what's something you've labored over this year?

Algebra. Having attended an Amish school and graduating in eighth grade, I never felt I had an inadequate education, but I went ahead and got my GED. I had to brush up on algebra before the official test, I'm not sharing my score, except to say I was very happy with it.

2. What is one word to describe your 'job' or career?


3. What was your worst or least favorite job ever? Why?

My worst job ever was when I had to work for a family doing their canning and cleaning. My Dad rescued me from that place before I was done. Thankfully. I still shudder to think what may have happened, had my parents not been on guard and followed their intuition.

4. How do you measure contentment?

Can contentment be measured?

I'm content with my life. I have always had dreams and goals in my life, but I don't allow them to rob me of the pleasure of living in the presnt.

A quote on contentment I heard often while growing up:

He who isn't content with little, will never be content with much.

5. Pickles-like or dislike? What is something you eat that requires a pickle? Dill, bread and butter, sweet gherkins...what's your favorite kind of pickle?

Breaded and fried spicy dill pickles are delicious! We have them frequently. My all time favorite pickle is the cinnamon pickles we used to make. I think I still have a few pints in the basement that I've been hoarding to use on some special occasion.

6. In your current house-town-state, what is it you like living close to?

In our current house, I love that we have a waterfall I can see when ever I look out the window.

7. What is one thing on your 'want-to-do' list before summer draws to an official close?

I'm not that much of a summer person. Winter has never come too early for me. There is a beach outing planned before it gets too cold and I'm wondering, is it wrong of me to be praying for rain? As you can tell, I'm not a fan of the whole beach thing.

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

I have bread dough rising on the kitchen counter and as soon as I'm finished here I need to make a double batch of dough for cheese bread. While it is rising I'll tackle several chocolate cakes and some apple dumplings.

I agreed to cook for a church dinner tonight. Looks like a busy, busy day ahead of me.


  1. Ahh...rising bread is one of my favorite scents! I would LOVE to have a waterfall that I could see from my window every lucky you are!

  2. We'd love to add some sort of water feature here. I've never heard of cinammon pickles, but I love all kinds so I'm sure they're good. I hope you enjoy your beach's one of my favorite places to be, but I get that it's not for everyone : )

  3. I loved the quote on contentment, so true!

    I'm sure there will be some awesome aromas coming from inside your house today, with all of the baking you have planned :)

    I ordered your first two 'Lily books' yesterday. Can't wait to share them with my granddaughter!

  4. Congratulations on getting your GED. Math was never my strong point either, and I never understood algebra and all the other upper forms of math.

  5. Congrats on the GED! Grew up in an Amish school...interesting! I sent you a FB friend request too...would love to get to know you more. Blessings!

  6. Oh wow, how wonderful to have a waterfall so close by! And congratulations on your GED! Your quote on contentment was wonderful as well... have a truly blessed day!

  7. And your church dinner tonight was delicious---thank you!! :)

  8. I had never heard of fried pickles until a few years ago. All I can say is, they are definitely an acquired taste.

  9. The older I get, the more I have come to dread anything that might involve a swimsuit, so I can understand praying for rain on a beach outing. HA!

    I, too, enjoy a good fried pickle every now and then.


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