Monday, August 19, 2013


Part of the perks of working in the attic was that I found items I hadn't seen for a long time. Items like my wedding dress and the baby clothes our children wore on the day they were born and also the first outfit they wore to church.

I was happy to find this little bonnet, even in its storage weary state. All three of our oldest children wore the first time they went to church. Sailor wasn't impressed that he had to wear girl clothes, and all three of them were wondering just how tiny their heads used to be in order to have been able to wear that.

Sunbeam volunteered one of her dolls to try it on for size.
I still remember how fun it had been making this bonnet almost fourteen years ago. My favorite part was always creating those little zigzag thingies where the bonnet back was attached to the slat filled front.
I'll be tucking it away again. Too many memories attached, and I have a feeling as time goes on it may become an item of interest if our children ever have children of their own.


  1. Its wonderful,and very well made...what a blessing that you still have it. Blessings

  2. I love sifting through old treasures, too! I'm afraid I may be guilty of saving too many things.

    By the way, I've been enjoying your blog since I discovered it a few days ago :)

  3. I hope your children find all this fascinating! They have such a unique life experience in that they were born into the Amish church but are being raised in a Christian home by born again believers. I seem to remember reading that an Amish woman is buried in her wedding dress, or maybe just her apron.

  4. Those kinds of things are just priceless. One time Scott and I were cleaning up downstairs and came across a box of baby clothes and shoes and we both got teary eyed - time just goes way too quickly. That bonnet is definitely a treasure.

  5. @nolefan:

    I'm just thinking "well sure, why not? It'd be a nice dress, after all" about that burying in the wedding dress. My grandmother was buried in the dress she wore at her second wedding (having been widowed as a young mother), and she's from a Russian Orthodox family.


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