Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Corinthian Bells

It's a beautiful morning, our ancient refrigerator is taking a rare break from humming loudly, and I am actually able to hear sounds outside even though the windows are all closed to keep the morning chill out of the house. Birds are singing cheerily, which happens to be one of my favorite sounds. But even sweeter is the sound of the wind chimes as they move in the gentle breeze.
I had dreamed of owning a set of wind chimes for almost as long as I can remember, and not just any kind. I love the Corinthian Bells, their beautiful melodious tones are unsurpassed.

A local store sells them, and every time I visited I couldn't help but admire them and envision a set on our front porch. Maybe once we're grandparents living in a little white house, I will be able to have a set, I kept telling myself. The scene in my mind looked perfect. LV and I would each be rocking in a hickory rocking chair on the front porch, he would have a fly swatter to get rid of any annoying flies or mosquitoes that come pester us. I would be knitting something, and a nice Great Pyrenees dog would be dozing off at our feet. And of course wind chimes would be serenading us.

I don't know why I keep seeing me knitting since I really loathe all types hand sewing and knitting.
Last Christmas LV surprised me with the very wind chimes I had only dared dream about. They sound every bit as beautiful as I thought they would.

Life is good, happy healthy children, a wonderful husband, and my wind chimes. = Happy me.


  1. I, too, love windchimes although I don't know that I have ever heard of Corinthian Chimes. I do love the ones I have though. But then, I also love knitting, crocheting and embroidery! :-)

  2. I love windchimes also!! They are soothing and restful. When we lived in Provo, UT a neighbor had LOTS. I enjoyed them every night lulling me to sleep. In the morning they sound cheerful and call me to wake up. During the day I heard snatches of them in-between all the noises of family life. Thanks for bringing to mind such lovely memories.

  3. I would love a nice set of wind chimes. I have some,but none as nice as Corinthian Chimes. Enjoy them dear friend...maybe they will last until you are old enough for the rocking chair :) Blessings

  4. I don't think I've ever heard those kind of chimes but I bet they're beautiful ~ they sure look pretty, too. Glad you put in a disclaimer about the knitting because as I was reading that I was thinking, 'HUH??' Too funny. I do want a porch with a rocker - my porch barely holds a flower pot.

  5. My sister has Corinthian Bell Chimes. I enjoy hearing them and would love to own a set.

  6. You're so funny. But who knows, maybe you'll love knitting in your old age!

  7. We have the Corinthian Bell Chimes and love them. I am listening to them right now!


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