Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Yesterday was an Amish holiday, and the last one they will be observing until Thanksgiving.

These two groups of cousins passed our house on their way to a nearby hiking trail. They don't get to walk on it on Sundays, and during the week they're much too busy to take time to go walking. So spring holidays are always put to good use.



  1. What holiday was it? I'm curious because yesterday was my birthday. If I had been born just one week later I would've been born on Memorial Day (I was born on a Monday).

  2. Would they be upset with you photographing them ?

  3. Do they celebrate Pentecost Sunday...just wondering if that may have been the holiday you spoke of! Blessings

  4. In the Lancaster Amish, there is a holiday on Oct. 11. Is that observed where you live?


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