Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Day Late Hodgepodge

1.  This week's Hodgepodge is Volume 123.  What's something you've done recently that was as easy as 1-2-3?

After weeks of trying and failing I finally figured out how to use Word to create things I had only been able to dream of for the longest time. Since I understand it I find it easy as 1-2-3 and wonder why it took me so long to learn how to utilize all the options I had.

 2.  The Wednesday Hodgepodge also happens to fall on the first day of May ...what is something you may do this month? 

I may build some containers to do a little gardening. I love growing my own food and miss having a nice big garden.

 3. The Englishman Horace Walpole is credited as saying, "The world is a tragedy to those who feel, but a comedy to those who think"  How do you see it?

A combination of both, I suppose.

 4.  May is National Hamburger often do you eat a burger? What are your must-haves when it comes to burgers?  I assume you vegetarians won't be celebrating so tell us what you'd like instead?

We have burgers once a week. I like making ours in the oven instead of on a grill. I have never learning to like that grilled taste. I like cheese and onions with mine. The rest of the family likes ketchup and mustard as well. Occasionally we enjoy a combination of sautéed mushrooms, garlic, and bell peppers.

 5. Pansies, petunias, geraniums, impatiens...of the four mentioned, which is your favorite in a patio pot? Will there be pots on your patio this spring? (Or whenever spring comes to your part of the globe?) Who does the gardening at your house?

I love wave petunias. Impatiens are also a favorite. There probably won't be any pots on our porch this spring. I do most of the gardening outdoors. However if it weren't for LV my houseplants would have a hard time surviving.

 6. When did you last (literally or figuratively) shout "Mayday, Mayday!"

I can't think of any recent instances that I had to shout for help.

 7.  Say farewell to your April in ten words or less. 

All your showers are helping produce lovely May flowers.

 8.  Insert your own random thought here.

The best meal I ever had was at a local seafood place. It started with this giant platter of appetizers. And was followed with blue crab stuffed ravioli.
Too bad birthdays only happen once a year!


  1. So glad you are finding your way around in Word. That is a very powerful program. I use the older edition but I love it! It is amazing what you can do with it.
    until next time...nel

  2. As soon as I read "blue crab stuffed ravioli", I forgot everything else you wrote - that looks SO yummy!

    I guess when I need to do something on Word (besides write a paper), I'll be asking you. My friend who grew up without technology is my "go-to" person for technology - that's too funny. Thanks for sharing ~

  3. this is very yummy food. can i take it. very nice .


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