Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Random Look at our Life

1. What is being read in our house this week.

Great Truths of the Bible is an excellent workbook to accompany a thorough Bible study and we have really been enjoying it.

And as a family of bookworms these are the books that are currently being read:

Rosebud is engrossed in The Only Sister

Sailor enjoys any books by Lewis B. Miller and is buried in the adventures found between the covers of When the Wemmikaw Levee Broke

I have been inspired by the book Uniquely His  Love, Matilda   and I'm also enjoying the latest book by Suzanne Woods Fisher, The Keeper

Sunbeam is working her way through a book filled with short stories, Storytime with Grandma, and then telling me everything she just read.

And the current read aloud for the whole family is an ancient book Valley of the Giants

And for cooking inspiration. The 2010 edition The Best of Country Cooking

2. What we are currently listening to.

Right now we are again going through the Pineapple Story Series by Otto Koning. Our whole family really enjoys this series and we laugh, become inspired, and always have a lot of food for thought when ever we listen to it.

3. What our house smells like.

 Okay, so the entire house doesn't smell this way. But anyone who enters our living room can tell that a baby lives here.

I'm not burning any candles right now or using any other scents for the house. So really our house has an interesting combination of scents. Baby soaps etc. what ever food we are cooking in  the kitchen, and desserts baking in the oven, the unique smell of wood and coal heat, so warm and cozy.

4. Games we have been playing.

Playing board games is something that gets done a lot in our family, especially in the evenings during the winter. These three are being played the most these past few weeks.

5. What we have been watching.

Sheffey ranks as one of the best movies in our house. The children enjoy the Little House series usually reserved as a treat for Sunday evenings.

6. Things that make us smile.

Ever since little Buddy has arrived we have all been amused and enjoy the many different expressions he has. Here he had just finished a bath and was still trying to express his feelings about it while be dressed.


  1. Lovely to see a photo of your gorgeous baby!
    Suzanne Woods Fisher is a writer that I have recently discovered, and I have enjoyed the one book that I've read.

  2. We love playing Settlers of Catan!

  3. A few other games that you might enjoy: Trans-america, big boggle, and carcasone.

  4. Hi there!

    "Little House on the Prairie" is one of our favorite TV series! We are starting a "Little House" DVD collection. We already had Season 1 and our daughter, who is reading through the books and LOVES them, received Season 2 and 3as Christmas gifts.

    We have many smells in our house, depending on the time of day. My favorite is the smell of fresh perked coffee in the morning, then the smell of scented candles in the evening. Yesterday was my son's birthday, so the wonderful smell of cupcakes baking permeated the air!!

    What a great picture of your adorable!!

  5. Gosh, I hadn't thought of the Uncle Wiggily game in years. Our current favorites are Apples2Apples, Sorry, and Scrabble.

  6. I pause every Christmas at the game "The Settlers of Catan" but I haven't yet invested in it. I wonder if it would be of interest to young adults.

    Thanks for sharing the picture of your precious baby boy!

  7. Now let me tell ya, that Uncle Wiggily in like, forever!!!

    Oh girl, that little Buddy is simply a gift from heaven above. What a wonderful bundle of love.

    Congratulations sweetie.

    God bless ya and have yourself a beautiful day!!! :o)

  8. I loved reading these! Thank you for sharing them with us. I miss those days when the house smelled like freshly bathed babies. Your little fella is a handsome one!

    The first time I played Settlers of Catan, I concentrated on it so intensely that I actually dreamed I was inside the game that night. Weird. Maybe I should stick to Uncle Wiggily, instead. LOL!

    Oh, and we're big fans of Little House on the Prairie over at our house as well.

  9. Lovely post. I love your explanation of what your house smells like, Obviously it smells like a home filled with many blessings. Buddy is just precious.

  10. Oh, your little Buddy makes me smile, too. I wish I was holding him right now. Posts like this are so much fun - I love to see what people are reading and doing in their "spare" time. I watched the Little House shows growing up and it always bugged me that in the books Jack was described as a "brindle bulldog" and he wasn't a bulldog in the TV show - isn't that a WEIRD thing to remember!? I LOVE that show - it's still a big favorite of Scott's (if he's flipping channels and that's on, he stops right there). Maybe I'll send him over on Sundays. ha ha Thanks for sharing ~ ♥

  11. It's great for families to read and share what they read.
    Congratulations on your new baby boy!

  12. Lovely post; I love how your family does so much together! :)

  13. We LOVE Settlers of Catan!! And I totally used to play Uncle Wiggley when I was a girl. I haven't thought about that game in years.

    Your little baby Buddy is such a doll!!

  14. I also love the Pineapple Story Series by Otto Koning.


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