Monday, January 2, 2012

Moments in 2011

I think it's always interesting to look back over a year's worth of moments and see which ones stand out as worthy to be remembered fondly for years to come. This morning I asked the children what some of the things were that they liked the best last year and after hearing everything decided I would share some of it with you.

All three of them agreed that they loved when the power went out and after our assortment of candles were lit we would all sit in the living room to listen as their Daddy told them a continued story about the adventures of three curious children. Since he made it up as he went along we all enjoyed the many twists and turns of the story. We are waiting for the next power outage to learn what happens next.

Next up they agreed that our daily afternoon walks last spring and early summer where we would walk to the top of the hill behind the barn and along a little path in the woods where we would admire the latest blooming wildflowers and the pretty ferns. The conversations we had on our walks were a lot of fun as well.

The few days that our placid little creek that winds through the pasture before passing under the bridge and continuing it's journey to a much bigger river turned into a raging river sweeping everything in it's path away. Including a little calf. Thankfully the calf survived, the creek returned to it's normal size and we have only a handful of pictures and the memories to go with them to remind us of that flood.

Rosebud and Sunbeam both agreed that all the baking and other cooking lessons they had was something they really enjoyed. Sailor added that eating the things they created was even better.

He thought the Saturdays where he could go to work with his Daddy were some of the moments he never wanted to forget.

The whole family enjoyed attending a baseball game even though our favorite team wasn't the one playing. Correction: After living in Missouri for over six years Sailor was a Cardinals fan and especially liked Pujols. We have hopes that since he was traded to another team that 2012 will be the year that Sailor will become a loyal Phillies fan like the rest of us.


One of the highlights of the year was when my Mom came to visit for several days. I couldn't have asked for a better time with her as we enjoyed working, talking, and laughing together like we used to years ago.

The children finally got to learn to know her and are already hoping she will come visit again and stay much longer.

They remembered the fun they had with the huge piles of leaves they raked together.

Growing up as an only daughter I have enjoyed capturing sisterly moments this past year. Here they were watching the Pilgrims Progress movie and Rosebud was explaining the scary parts to Sunbeam to let her know they really aren't that scary. They had no idea I was listening to them

The whole family agrees that the very best of 2011 was welcoming our baby boy.


  1. Awww...your little man is just beautiful and precious. I miss those days when I held my babies and they would snuggle up under my chin. What a wonderful gift children are!
    Your older ones have some sweet memories that will live on in them for a long time! How blessed they are to have such good parents who are truly interested in their lives!
    Happy New Year, to you and yours, Mary Ann!

  2. What wonderful memories! And a beautiful new baby to make the best memory of the year!

  3. You've captured some beautiful memories! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Just awesome! We should do this as adults, too!

  5. My favorite memory for you is when your mother came for a visit, too. :)

  6. What wonderful memories! Your little one is precious and I can't wait for the arrival of our first come April! :)

  7. What precious memories. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  8. A beautiful baby makes the year special; congratulations to your family.

  9. A blessed year -- and, yes -- he was the best!

  10. I'm so happy you can have a camera and take pictures to your heart's content. I bet even if they don't admit it, your parents would love to have some pictures of when you and your brothers were little. Your little pumpkin sure is growing - what a cutie!!

  11. What an adorable little boy! I think it's neat that you and LV make such an effort to do things as a family, like the spring and summer walks. I'm sure your kids will remember them years and years from now.

  12. What a wonderful post.

    Also, this post just goes to show that it's the time spent with them and not the expensive toys that children really care about; though it doesn't seem like it sometimes.

  13. What a beautiful year your family had and thank you for sharing it with all of us....I have to agree ...the arrival of your sweet wee one was certainly the best news shared...blessings

  14. What a wonderful list of memories. I love the ones that your kids picked out. I think it just proves we are making memories every day of our lives. And your little man is just absolutely adorable!
    until next time... nel


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