Monday, November 14, 2011

That Type of Day

It's a dreary, drab, colorless type of day that November brings so often. The perfect type of day to go digging through a sewing closet and tackling some fun projects that have been tucked away for a day like this.

It's that type of day that makes me feel like finding a nice puzzle to put together or play some board games that haven't been touched for a long time.

That fun, lazy type of day when you feel like ignoring dust bunnies and having fun instead.

It's the type of day that makes me feel like brewing some hickory nut tea and enjoying it in some cozy corner while reading a good book and snuggling under a warm blanket.

I don't think I'll be doing any of that though. Hickory nut tea isn't even possible since I don't have any nuts. 

It used to be a rare treat for us around Thanksgiving. Hickory nuts are a pain to gather and pick out of their shells, but the flavor used to be so worth it that one of these years I will have to see if there isn't a tree tucked somewhere in the woods that I can borrow a few hands full of nuts before the squirrels cart all of them away.

After toasting the nuts we used to chop them up really fine, just a little coarser than a powder and then cover them with water and simmer until the water is a nice golden brown. We would add several cups of milk and sweeten it with brown sugar. Once it was nice and hot it would be divided into small tea cups and served.  The little nut bits floated on top in a deliciously tantalizing fashion. I could never make my cup full last long enough!


  1. Hickory nut tea sounds wonderful the way you describe it. I like hazelnut coffee so I think, maybe, hickory nut tea would be similar.
    I have a mountain of laundry to get done today then I'm going to redo a skirt (someone gave to me) so I can wear it. Have a great day!

  2. I have so much to do ...and I don't like tea (though Hickory Nut Tea sounds simply fascinating!) I wonder if a cup of hot chocolate can motivate me? I've read my Bible and prayed for friends and read my favorite blogs ... no more excuses. UP AND AT 'EM!

  3. I am a tea lover, and this hickory nut tea sounds really good! We don't have any hickory trees in my neck of the woods, but now I'm just dying to try the stuff after reading your post. Maybe the grocery store will sell hickory nuts so I can attempt this. It sounds like a lot of work for a glass of tea, but I'm up for the challenge! Thanks for the inspiration. My mission this week: locate hickory nuts! It would be easier if we were real-life friends instead of just blog readers. That way you could just come over and teach me! LOL!

  4. I went for a cinnamon tea! And our day wasn't even cloudy. Made it iced, the southern way with boiling the tea bag, an abundance of real sugar once the bag was removed, then pouring the almost-syrup over ice and adding water. Comfort food at its best! May your day have been as blessed

  5. Never heard of Hickory Nut tea. Sounds interesting, but wondering if I'm allergic to it. (Allergic to most other nuts.) It was beautiful here, but I was stuck inside working on pictures and emails. I did get some stitches removed from a dress today. It had a fake belt sewn on the front and half of it was coming apart anyway. Think I might add my own touch to it later. Enjoyed your post! Hope you get to take the time to do some of the other things you mentioned. Sounds like fun!

  6. I'd never heard of hickory nut tea, either...but it's intriguing! I've got some pecans here...I wonder if that would work?


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