Saturday, July 9, 2011

Random Bits

Just for fun, today I am sharing little random bits about me that you may or may not know already.
  • I have been a long time admirer of a nice Baked Alaska but so far have been much too intimidated to try making one.
  • My housekeeping skills have evolved quite a bit. When I was nine I used to sweep all my dirt piles  through a crack in the floor. Some how it didn't occur to me that it was all gathering in the basement and would be waiting for me to clean it up on the day that Mom caught me sweeping everything down that crack. Sweeping has never been the same since.
  • Shortly after we were married my sis-in-law gave me a book to read that terrified me to the extent that every morning when we were done with the milking I would hurry to the house and run full speed through our dark basement and breathe a sigh of relief when I reached the pleasant safety of my kitchen.
  • I really like vegetables of every kind, and I'm still trying to figure out what we did that makes that all three of our children would rather eat broccoli than sweets. I would like our next child to be the same way but since I don't know what I did the first three times I'm not sure how to go about it to get the same results.
  • I detest hand sewing but dislike buttonholes made on a sewing machine even more. When ever a button hole is required I will somewhat patiently sit on my recliner and do it by hand.
  • I have stacks and stacks of great breakfast type recipes that I would really like to try sometime. But I am a totally lazy cook when it comes to making breakfast and 99% of the time I make our regular eggs, coffee, and cereal.


  1. Nifty, thanks for sharing those bits. Looks like you're pretty normal.;) I've never made a Baked Alaska, either, and I detest hand sewing, too. I do, however, love, love knitting.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. No baked Alaska here either, but I ahve a friend who makes it!

  3. I wish we could see a picture of you and your family. I love reading your blog.

  4. Ahhh memories...

    My mother caught me dusting all around the knick-knacks and doilies. After that, I had to remove everything and dust it all. I agree, dusting just wasn't the same after that!

    My sister's children eat all sorts of vegetables. She swears that my kids would eat her brussel sprout casserole. Somehow, I doubt it...

  5. The story about the sweeping made me laugh - I did some chores that way too until my mom figured it out and made me spend a day cleaning up what was improperly done to begin with. I don't like a lot of vegetables however, both my kids will pretty much each any vegetable put in front of them - I knew i didn't want them to be as picky as i was as a child so I just always put vegetables in front of them and made sure I never commented in a negative way about vegetables. I have even choked down tomatoes in front of them and I absolutely hate tomatoes - but they love them so it was worth it. :)

  6. You sound pretty normal to me! :) Thanks for sharing! I really love reading your blog.

  7. What was the name of the book that scared you so? You've really got me wondering now.

    We made Baked Alaska in Home Ec class but I have never tried it on my own.

    I love broccoli--but I love sweets, too. :(

    I don't think I've ever even seen a hand sewn buttonhole! That must take a certain amount of skill.

    99% of the time even eggs are too much work for me--LOL!

    Thanks for sharing! Was fun to read more about you. :)

  8. Thanks for sharing, was fun to read more about you! :)

    I love pretty much all vegetables too, which is lucky since I'm a vegetarian. LOL!

    When you figure out what you did with the kids, let me know; I'll make a note of it ready for when I get one of my own! ;)

    What was the book?

  9. Fun facts! Thanks for sharing them.

    My husband is a big cereal eater at breakfast. I remember the first time I made this fancy egg casserole, and he ate it, only after downing his bowl of Wheaties. I learned my lesson -- Don't bother with the fancy stuff. :)

  10. I'm just now getting to read your blog today...and surprise! Your subject is much like the one I wrote last night and posted earlier

    I am not thrilled with hand sewing either, but learned to do hand sewn button holes when I was a pre-teen. Mom taught me, and I believe it was because I was working for a Girl Scout sewing badge.

  11. I am totally impressed with the idea of making handmade button holes. Could you show us a photo some time?

  12. I think the biggest thing is putting the veggies in front of the kids and letting kids eat off your plate! I think if a child sees the family eating lots of veggies they want to join in. We just had a birthday in our home and I made a fabulous chocolate carrot cake made with bananas and 4 cups of carrots... I decorated it with raspberries and strawberries. My almost 2 yr old sucked off the frosting (she likes all dips) but left the cake and asked for more berries instead. I also often find my tomatoes or celery or other veggies with little teeth marks from her helping herself out of our produce delivery before I can put it away!

  13. Breakfast is my nemesis, so you are not alone... :)

  14. Awesome post! :) I love reading random things about people so thanks for sharing...

    ~Lol! I'm sure i'd be the same way if i read that book (even though i don't know what it is)

    ~Hmm...i don't think i've ever had baked alaska, but i guess i will have to try it sometime :)

  15. Reading your likes and dislikes reminded me of a few of my own. Most stay-at-home moms really do have less time than most think. The children (hubby included) often require more attention; everything is made by hand because usually the budget requires it. Everyone thinks you have all the time in the world because homemaking is a breeze and there really is not much to do to keep a stay-at-home wife and mother busy.

    We were so glad to get a sewing machine as it saved much time over hand sewing but as you said we never could get the button hole maker to work so we opt for snaps, arthritis came for a visit and stayed so many hand task are difficult. We used to have tons of recipes we always wanted time to experiment with but never seemed to get the time. We put them in the mission box for others to try.

    We all like our vegetables but my hubby’s sweet tooth has affected us all as he does not think it is a meal unless a dessert ends it. I have never liked scary stories and avoid them at all cost. Though we did read a Christian writers books on the spiritual realm and it scared us for awhile until we understood greater is the power of Christ in us than the world of darkness. Happy homemaking.
    Mrs. J.

  16. Try the baked Alaska!! It isnt nearly as hard as it seems, and after the effort of making it, the result is amazing.

    I love your blog, always brings a smile to my soul.

  17. I like vegetables too! Some of my favorites include: squash, sweet potatoes, cucumbers, corn, and cucumbers.

    What book was it that scared you so much?

  18. Thanks so much for sharing. I love hand sewing and don't much like making button holes. My granddaughter is 2 1/2 and has always refused to eat meat. When eatting spaghetti, she will squirel the hamburg in her cheek!


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