Saturday, January 22, 2011

Little Brother

My youngest brother, Raymond was still young enough that all the wedding preparations that were going on didn't seem to affect him at all.

He loved perching on a bar stool next to the sewing machine to watch as I worked on making my wedding dress. Once it was safely in my closet I focused on making new coverings. I would need to make quite a few white ones since that would be what I would be wearing after I was married. Up until that point I had always worn black. I also needed to make one last black covering to wear on my wedding day.

Making coverings was not something I enjoyed doing. They involved way too much handwork for my liking. Working on white covers wasn't much better, the only thing that kept me from getting bored and frustrating was the happy hopeful feeling I had when i thought of the reason I would be wearing them.

I had completed several of them and had them setting on the table in the sewing room. Several others were half ways completed. I was glad I would soon be done and have something else to cross off my to do list.

Working in the kitchen getting a meal ready Raymond came up to me all excited about something and wanting me to come with him to see. I washed my hands and followed him into the sewing room where the sight that met my eyes was enough to make me feel like screaming.

There were all the coverings I had worked so hard on snipped into tiny little bits. Raymond's happy look vanished when he noticed I didn't seem happy about what he had done. I couldn't stay upset with him though. He was such a happy little fellow and had only wanted to help out.

The following days I started over and this time made sure everything stayed out of his reach.


  1. OH Raymond!! Thank goodness he was cute and happy - that helps so much with children and small pets. LOL!

  2. Oh no! All that hard work. What exactly is a covering?

  3. Oh, this is just about my daily life! I have a son who's a little over-eager about helping and a daughter who just gets into mischief! I have made pleated headcoverings before and I know how much work goes into them!

  4. Wow!
    Me and my Mom wear head coverings, do you still wear them?
    What kind of pattern do you use?


  5. Ach! That would be awful. Little ones are sweet little helpers, aren't they. LOL. Well, at least it wasn't the dress...

    @Becky--covering, also known as headcovering, prayer covering, kapp, devotional covering, etc. Worn by some Christian women (esp in Plain circles) in accordance w/ 1Cornintians 11. They can be as simple as a bandanna tied on your head to very inticate. See some examples:

  6. Oh, boy! I can sympathize. Many, many years ago I worked for a department store and the company gave us Liberty of London scarves for Christmas. Even in 1965, these scarves cost $25 - nearly as much as I brought home in a week. Mine was printed on a diagonal with many different colors and went with everything. Very Piet Mondrain. My daughter cut it into tiny pieces, very carefully staying exactly on the lines. She was quite proud of herself, and - of course - I could have cheerfully choked her!

  7. LOL I guess he wanted to cut them into small pieces for a quilt. LOL

  8. Very interesting, and I didn't know what coverings were either.
    I'm looking forward to the next episode.

  9. Oh no, after all your hard work! I'm sure he thought he was being so helpful. I have enjoyed reading all your posts about getting ready for your wedding. :)

  10. Oh.My.Goodness!
    How frustrating!
    But, what a memory to have leading up to your special day.
    And what a story to have on hand to tell at family get-togethers:)

  11. Oh, my. ... What is the significance of the black and white coverings, other than to mark "married" and "unmarried?"

    (thanks for again allowing anonymous comments)

    - Sally

  12. Children and sicssors can mean disaster. I remember a few times my little ones made some changes, one in her hair by giving herself a crew cut on her bangs and a son who cut holes in his new jeans because he wanted patches like the other boys in our farming community.
    You are so patient and kind to your little brother.

  13. You are a wonderful sister not to have come unraveled!

  14. So true about children & scissors. I remember how my daughter's preschool teacher said how concerned she was that she was "battling with scissors" (having trouble cutting). Well, a short time later, I found the hair on her doll cut short and her own fringe (bangs) too! So, she wasn't "battling" any longer! Fortunately, my daughter's hair grew back....but not the dolly's! And as she was changing to a new school, the teacher never knew how wrong her comment was!

  15. I am so sorry for you. Sewing is such time-consuming work for me. I would be more than heartsick if something like that were to happen. Praise the Lord that you were able to remain patient with him.

  16. I'm sure that was frustrating at the time, but it's a funny story in retrospect.

  17. Speechless! Good thing he was cute and you loved so!


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