Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Phone Shanty

It was a cold foggy winter day. There was several feet of snow on the ground the top had formed a hard crust perfect for sledding and walking on top without breaking through.

Right after I was done doing the dishes after lunch I dressed warmly, got a book I was reading and headed down the road to our pasture across the road to our phone shanty where I would sit for the next thirty minutes to answer the phone if any one wanted to call.

Going out through the basement I decided to wear Daddy's big thick winter coat on top of everything I was wearing to try to keep out the damp freezing fog. I was glad we didn't have a mirror in the basement so I didn't have to see how much I was resembling an elephant.

I walked to the phone shanty and then settled into the chair next to the phone and started reading my book. I wasn't there very long before I heard several vehicles drive into the driveway leading to the graveyard in the woods behind the phone shanty. The fog was heavy enough that I couldn't see who it was.

Not paying too much attention to them I continued enjoying my book. Before long I heard a very weird noise. Almost as if someone was yelling or calling someone. I froze. The book closed as I listened and was horrified to hear the unearthly sounds again, what was even worse it sounded as if it was closer than it had been.

After several more yells I stepped cautiously outside of the phone shanty. Another yell pierced the air. that was enough. I didn't care how many people wanted to call. I was going for the house as fast fast as my feet could carry me. Daddy's coat that had felt so nice and warm was now bulky and hindering my ability to run as I stumbled and slipped on the icy snow.

I burst into the back shop door, banged it shut and stood there panting. Daddy asked what was wrong and I told him about the awful noises I had been hearing. He saw I really was scared and sent me back to the house while he went to the phone shanty for the remaining scheduled time.

When he came back in he said he hadn't heard anything unusual. I was starting to feel a little sheepish but knew I really had heard something.

The next Sunday evening LV told me that with the heavy fog he had decided to come talk with me while I wait on calls. That he's sorry he had scared me but it had almost been worth it seeing my terrified flight to the shop.

I felt embarrassed that I had run and a little aggravated that he had yelled so weirdly instead of calling my name.


  1. that's a typical guy for ya! have a great thanksgiving.

  2. Well that was a real laugh! I love the way you write

  3. Have you ever thought of writing a book? You have excellent writing skills. I really enjoyed reading this story.

    Anyway, I think that I would have run the way you did too if I heard eery noises like the ones you described.


    -Lady Rose

  4. I can see this. I can feel this. It must have been like one of those dreams I have where something is chasing me and I just can't move fast ... you were only a little aggravated? Ooooohhhh...... you're a better girl than me!

  5. LOL - Sounds like stuff my brothers used to pull on me. Sounds like he still had some of that rascally spark from when he was young!! That's too funny ~

  6. My brother loves doing that kind of thing. With seven sisters, he can get a pretty good reaction. Thanks for the comment on my blog.

  7. LOL! What I wouldn't give to have been able to see that in person!


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