Friday, June 4, 2010


There is a pair of Canada geese living right across the road from us. They are a loud noisy couple and their squawking and honking has been irritating to me.

This morning they were walking around the pasture with their off-spring, calmly enjoying a beautiful morning. I watched them for awhile and it got me thinking of families and life in general. And I realized they have many of the qualities that I admire and want for our own family.

  1. They don't mind what other people think about them. They will go ahead and enjoy their life in their home the best they know how.
  2. They value family time and both parents are actively teaching their children what they need to know to be successful once they grow up and leave their parents.
  3. They seem to enjoy the companionship of each other.
  4. Even though they're grown up they still know how to have fun. (Notice how they like to balance at the edge of the waterfall.)
On a different note I finally read the instructions included with our hairdryer. It made my day. I can't quite picture myself going to bed with a hairdryer with plans of using it while I sleep.


  1. I love watching the Canadian Geese. One other quality I love: They mate for life. That is their one and only partner thru life. Speaking from experience, it is sad that people do not take lessons from them. Thanks for sharing.
    until next time.... nel

  2. Thanks,.I needed those words.
    Roosters aren't the same as Canadian geese however...
    Two of my neighbors have chickens & roosters. The roosters crow all day & are annoying to me.Going to remember your thoughts & try not to let the cock- a- doodle- dooing bother me .

  3. I love the observation on the geese! and Laughed at the hair dryer warning that's amazing, who would do that?

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  5. LOL! Yeah, I don't think any of us would try to dry our hair while we are sleeping. LOL.

    Good observation concerning the geese. Enjoyed reading your thoughts today and seeing your pics.

  6. Well, I suppose they have to cover themselves from the sleep walkers who might use their hairdryers when they are asleep! lol

    Hope you have a Wonderful Weekend!

  7. It is crazy how we can learn so much from animals and things in nature.
    That warning on the hair dryer is hysterical. I am your newest follower too.

  8. That is too funny about the hair dryer. I like your comparison to the geese too. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  9. Oh you've GOT to be kidding me! Don't use while sleeping?? That is priceless. Seriously though, geese DO have a lot of neat qualities to them, like when they're flying in a V and one gets hurt or something, another goes down to stay and help that one. Or something like that. :)

  10. Nice reflections on the geese.
    I had to chuckle about the hair dryer instructions. Unbelievable!

  11. If you think the hair dryer is funny, read roll-on deodorant. It says not to roll it in your eyes!

  12. Just found your blog and enjoying your stories! Thanks for taking the time to write for all of us!

  13. Really enjoyed the thought....we raise a lot of critters and they can really be amusing, and thought provoking.

  14. Love your photo of the geese. I also love your blog and will be back often to visit!

  15. Isn't it amazing how nature can offer inspiration into every facet of our lives...even into our relationships (:

    VERY funny about the hair dryer...that just means that someone has previously done something with a hair dryer while sleeping for that even be included in the list. Makes you wonder, huh? What is this world coming to (:


  16. We have a bunch of those around here. It is beautiful to watch them fly .:D

    LOL on the hair dryer caution! :D

  17. Shucks! I was looking forward to snuggling up to my hairdryer tonight and now they don't want me to use it while sleeping.

    You have to wonder how they come up with some of their warnings. Hilarious!

  18. I love the observation on the geese! and Laughed at the hair dryer warning that's amazing, who would do that?
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  19. I know someone who fell asleep with a hair brother in law had a horrible tooth ache and the only thing that made it tolorable was to put the hair blower on his cheek....he fell asleep that way and my sister found him. Lucky she did cause that could have been bad!


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