Thursday, March 25, 2010

Teacher / Mom

We were soon able to get into a comfortable routine in the evenings after school. Mom would spend time preparing the next days lessons and checking the ones that had been done that day.  I thought it was interesting to see how the other children did especially when ever there had been an assignment to write stories or poems.

I found it rather disturbing though that Mom thought LV was her star student. He was unusually polite and considerate when ever she was there and he excelled in all his school work. After hearing Mom's praise of his story and poem writing skills I renewed my efforts to do better and try harder with everything because it certainly wouldn't do to have LV do better at school than I did.

Most times when Mom came to teach grammar classes she stayed inside during recess to get everything ready for the next classes. When spring came and we were once again playing baseball at recess we got her convinced to come pitch for us. She was as good at pitching as she was at teaching grammar and we all enjoyed it immensely when she had time to help us play. At one noon recess we were once again playing baseball. Daniel, an eighth grader was up to bat. We all heard the satisfying crack as the ball and bat met but instead of everything progressing like normal we were all stunned to see Mom stagger and fall. Daniel helped her into the school house while everyone else stood there not really knowing what to do.

Somehow I came to my senses and ran into the schoolhouse to see how Mom was. She was sitting on her chair and when I asked her how she feels she assured me she was going to be fine. I felt rather dubious about that since the lump on her head looked nasty. Her glasses were bent, and when she tried to stand up dizziness made her sit down again.

Recess was extended until she was feeling a little better, but I couldn't wait until it was time to go home. i was sure Daddy would know what to do to make Mom feel better.

Once we got home Mom sat on her rocking chair while I made supper. When I again brought up the subject of how badly her head must be hurting, she asked me to please not talk about it too much. She then shared that we were going to have another baby and it was important for her to not think of how painful her head really is because she doesn't want the baby to have a birthmark.

I didn't say anything about her accident again, I still felt sorry for her but I was very excited about the news that another baby was on the way. I was sure that this time I would finally be getting the sister I wanted so badly.


  1. Wow, she told you up front about the baby! Oh, and that LV has a lot of nerve. He is becoming the Nellie Oleson to your Laura Ingalls in these stories. ;-)

  2. I'm hanging in suspense!! Was your Mom alright? Did she have a concussion? Did you have a baby sister? I look forward to your posts on a daily basis. =)

  3. I never knew that talking about something like that would cause a birthmark on the baby. Does it really or was is just another Old Wive's Tale?

  4. That ball must have it her hard. What a happy way to end the evening with a story of new baby coming!

  5. Awwwe, your poor mom. :( Maybe if LV would've done it, she would've changed her tune about him! ha ha I'm impressed she got out there knowing another little one was on the way - she's a tough cookie! Great story ~ ♥

  6. Sometimes those mean bully kids are quite intelligent and fool the teachers. Argh!

    Gosh, that's awful about the baseball hitting your mom!

  7. Your poor mom! I have a hard time playing catch or baseball for that reason....I'm scared I'll get plowed by the ball in the face and I've never even been hit in the face by a ball.

  8. I've heard that tale before about birthmarks. What a wonderful writing style you have.


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