Saturday, November 28, 2009

Weekly Shopping

We usually make only one trip to town each week to stock up on what ever groceries we may need. Today I was busy cleaning the house with the childrens assistance and I still hadn't made my shopping list so I handed a pen and paper to Sailor and told him to write whatever I tell him.

I continued cleaning while he wrote down the needed items. The finished list is a keeper. I love nine year old boy's spelling. A few items on his list were.
  1. toylut cleaner
  2. clean nix
  3. lettus
The rest was actually spelled correctly. 

After my husband came home from work with our only vehicle I headed for town armed with the list. It didn't take me long to find everything I needed and as I walked past the Christmas department at Wal-Mart I just had to step inside to see all the pretty giftwrap etc. I ended up getting a roll of the cutest little snowmen design wrap, and then headed for the checkout.

After finding a checkout line with only one person I quickly pushed my cart in and put the little divider thingie on the belt and started piling my things onto it. The man in front of me didn't have very much and when the cashier happened to pick up my roll of wrapping paper and added it to his bill he hurriedly barked out. "That's not mine!"

The cashier apologized and as she was deleteing the entry she said, "I could have known it wasn't yours because now that I look at you, you really don't look like someone who would like Christmas."

The man muttered something about it being a big money sucking thing that he doesn't want any part of, while I was there trying hard not to laugh. Oh to have the courage to speak your mind like the brave little cashier.


  1. I love the spelling. That list is a keeper. Funny cashier! Ah, to be young and speak the truth without concern for the reaction!

  2. SOOOO hilarious!!!!!! So is your son like 18 or 19? Just kidding! That's priceless - I'd date that in a hurry and tuck it away. Can't wait to show my husband what that cashier said - can you imagine actually saying what you're thinking half the time!?? Maybe that was Scrooge. Hopefully he'll have a dream tonight where Christmas past, present, and future come to visit!! 'Tis the season. ☺

  3. Gosh, what a cute list! Oh, little boys are so precious. And that cashier, how quick was she to think of something so perfectly perfect to say to put him right in his place! I LOVE IT!

  4. oooo I have several things saved that Ezra has written with his sweet misspelled words.

    I like snowmen too.

  5. I have so much admiration for people who can be disarmingly honest when the moment calls for it. :)

  6. My daughter's lists still make me chuckle sometimes. when they were younger, I had to keep some of the, too precious to let go of so in the memory box they go.

    Wow, that cashier sound very intuitive and has a lot of courage. Sounds like she was exactly right. Glad you got your pretty paper, but I wish you had a more Christmas like experience at the check out. What ever happen to peace, love and joy?

  7. Hi friend, I like your name so I came to visit from Penniwig 's.

    I am from India and I am fasinated by the Amish people. I would like to visit you.

  8. Oh the abuse I endured during my stint as Walmart Cashier. Oh the lip biting I had to do.

  9. Oh, that's so funny. I would have never had the guts to say something like that. My oldest son could get away with it though, and probably make the man laugh in the process. I love the list too. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one with 9yo sons who spell this way.

  10. I love the list--doesn't it make you feel special when your home educated children misspell words? When my dd does that, I always feel like I must be doing something wrong on some part of her spelling curriculum. It's good to know that there are other home schooled children out there that can't spell perfectly (or would that be spel perfiklee).

    The checker made me lol. I can actually hear some of the local WM cashiers saying that ;-)

    Have a good Wednesday :-)

  11. What a cute grocery list!

    The cashier made me laugh...that was very brave of her! :o)

  12. The grocery list is definitely a keeper! How funny!
    I don't know what's worse, the fact that I would have had to turn away to keep from laughing about the wrapping paper, or the fact that the man actually admitted he wasn't the Christmas type! There are so many bitter people in this world...

  13. Thats funny!!!
    Your 9 year old spells like one of my 11 year olds. We homeschool--she gets them right for her spelling tests, then goes back to her old spelling methods again.

  14. Amen to THAT! And the list? Oh my word....that is precious. I have kept some of the Wild Man's lists as well and will never forget his pretend menu for his restaurant when he was little - "Buel (bowl) of chess (cheese) and bred with budder." We STILL love laughing about it and recalling it. :)


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