Saturday, November 7, 2009


Every Saturday evening there was a large auction in Finzel, Daddy went several times a month and always came home with a lot of things. It was always fun to get up on Sunday mornings to see what he had bought this time.

One morning when we got up there was a nice desk and several boxes of things. I admired the desk a little bit but was more interested to dig through the boxes to see what kind of treasures were there when Daddy said that he bought the desk for my room.

I was delighted. I enjoyed anything to do with papers and books and now I had a desk of my own to keep everything in. I thought Sunday lasted very long but I knew without asking that I would have to wait until Monday morning to have the desk moved to my room.

Monday morning came and Mom and Daddy didn't seem to be in a hurry to move the desk. We had breakfast and started for school. That evening when we came home Mom had some fresh cookies waiting for us. As we ate them she told me that she wants to go upstairs with me once I'm ready to change my clothes. I didn't bother asking for a second cookie and we all went upstairs. I stood at my doorway and looked at my transformed room. It was beautiful. Mom and David had gathered some golden rod and put it in a vase on top of my desk. There was a new chair and an oil lamp standing on a doily. Everything was almost to perfect. I thanked them as they left and I changed into my play clothes.

I sat at my desk and opened the drawers. I couldn't wait to fill them with my very own scrap-booking things that Grandma Mast had given me. As I looked around my room I wished there was one more thing that would really complete it. I wanted a sister to share everything with.

With a sudden burst of inspiration I took the quilt off my bed and rolled it up. I got my favorite pink nightgown and stuffed the blanket inside and got one of my old bonnets out of  the cupboard in the hall and put it on the quilt and tied it. I set my creation on the chair and studied it. From the back it looked surprisingly real. I called it Magdalena.

I kept Magdalena for months and would hurry home from school each day and quickly do all my chores. I would spend all my spare moments in my room creating things at my desk. I would talk and laugh with Magdalena the whole time. She was one of the best friends I had that year.


  1. You write so well and this story is so heart warming to me. To have a room, a desk, a doll (or for me teddy bears and stuffed animals) is just heartwarming. I spent lots of time at my desk writing, reading, thinking, listening to music. Those were the days. Love reading your entries.

  2. This is a very sweet story. I understand about wanting a sister too. Magdalena was a good idea.

  3. Hi Mary-Ann,

    I just thought I would comment and say hello. I just discovered your blog and have read all your posts! It sounds like you had a wonderful childhood and I love reading all about your life being Amish.
    I am a wife and mother of 5 and am expecting another baby. We live in New Zealand on the other side of the world to you.

    I am looking forward to reading more of your story.


  4. I thought you were going to say you got your pink nightgown ON and put the blanket in there and told your mom you were going to have a baby because you wanted a sister! That's TOO cute that you named your new friend - sometimes those quiet ones are the best ones aren't they??!! ☺ I was the youngest and I ALWAYS wanted a little sister or brother - still do! I don't think my mom's real willing to help me out there. ha ha

  5. What a sweet tale from your childhood. I really enjoyed reading it.
    Thank you!

  6. Wonderful story. I can sure identify with longing for a little sister, as I dearly wanted one.

    Hope you have a good Monday☺

  7. Bless you for sharing your sweet memories. I enjoy reading your musings.

  8. What an imaginative and creative child you were. Magdalena sounds like a great friend to enjoy while working at your desk.


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