Monday, June 1, 2009

Rosebud's Accomplishment

Mondays are always busy here at our house. Today was no exception. As I was going over all the things I wanted to get accomplished today Rosebud came with a box of Blue Bonnet margarine asking if she can make the recipe that was on the back. I checked it, it sounded good, so sure why not, if she stirs up a batch of cookies I'll bake them for her. She loves working in the kitchen and was on cloud nine that she gets to do it by herself.

She got the sugars measured into the bowl and thought it looked so pretty and asked me to take a picture, which got me started taking pictures of each step as she attempted to make cookies without any assistance.

Measuring the salt was simple enough. I can handle this Mom!

The butter she had melted was hot so I got to pour that in for her.
She got it all stirred up as her siblings watched in admiration. It smelled so good that Sailor was reminded that he really is hungry. I told him to go ahead and wash some garden lettuce and make a few sandwiches.

He got it all nice and clean and then turned and asked me if he can go climb a tree now. I actually managed not to laugh until he went outside. Climbing a tree is so much more manly than washing lettuce!
In the meantime Rosebud was still busy with her cookie dough. Time to break in the eggs. I offered to do it but she wanted to step up to the challenge by herself.Perfect! I couldn't have done it better myself.

Using the egg beater is so much fun! Let's just say everything in the bowl was thoroughly blended by the time she got through.

Adding the vanilla was a breeze and then some more vigorous beating followed.

Finally time to measure the flour.
And the baking soda.
She sifted the soda through a small sieve to insure there would be no bitter surprise lumps in the cookies.

And finally time to dump in a bag of chocolate chips.

And stir it all up. I can only imagine what she will say about the following pictures once she's, say, 16. But I really couldn't resist adding them too. She was trying to put waxed paper on the counter top for the cookies to cool off on.

I got them all baked for her and we all got to enjoy a warm chocolate chip cookie with a glass of cold milk.

Life just doesn't get much better than this!


  1. Rosy looks about the same age as my oldest Granddaughter, Amanda. It's a wonderful age to encourage children to do and to learn at the same time as they're having lots of fun. Good memories for your family, too!

  2. I found your blog some way, some how. I have enjoyed reading it.

    How wonderful! She did a great job! We worked to bake cookies on Saturday. Chocolate chip is my favorite. I have all boys, and they get a few less than many things to do now and again.
    God bless,

  3. I still remember that sense of accomplishment, with a little praise added!

  4. What a great job - and fantastic memories in the making!

    Rosy, You did a GREAT job... and those cookies look so yummy!!!

  5. Look how happy she is!! OK, the pictures of her tearing the wax paper are hilarious - one face is funnier than the next (while still maintaining it's cuteness)! How nice for all of you that you got to enjoy her success - good thinking, mom. And thank goodness your son got to get that lettuce washing out of his system by climbing a manly tree. Whew! Hopefully pretty soon she'll work her way up to pot roast and mashed potatoes so you can get more blogging time in. HA HA

  6. HOW CUTE! My daughter was always happy to help in the kitchen: my sons? Not so much! Lovely memories in the making!
    Your essay is now posted on my apron blog!

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog. :~)

    This is such a sweet post! My little girl loves to help in the kitchen and has mixed up a batch of cookies on her own, too. You got some great pictures of the process!

  8. Rosy's first cookies is a memorable occasion, indeed. I'm glad you documented it all. She can revel in her accomplishment now, and laugh about it when she's grown.
    Very sweet post.

  9. This will be a fun memory for your kids to write about when they grow up! Lovely Photos!

    I left you a little award on my blog. :0)

  10. I love seeing these pictures. Reminds me of some of my first baking experiences. What treasured memories you are creating and thanks for sharing with us. Rosy is going to be a chef one day!

  11. How adorable! She is so focused in these photos...she will make a wonderful baker!

  12. So glad I found your blog. I was reading the part about your son washing the lettuce and got up to get a sandwich,,,,thinking,,,now isn't that great of him to help in the kitchen,,,sat back down and continued reading,,,can I climb a tree now,,that is too cute. You know I would not like to see my face when I am "trying" to tear saran wrap, I'd be worse than Rosy/ha

  13. Such cute picture. I bet those cookies were good. On Sunday My Great Grandson spent the day with me and he helped me frost the cake and it was quite an experience. He is 2. My cake ended up a little flat. Fun times and fun memories.

    Thank you for visiting my blog and for your nice comments.


  14. Great achievement Roasy!! It is wonderful to have helping hands in the kitchen.

  15. Loved the pictures of Rosy's baking adventures, the face of struggle and the face of accomplishment at the end. But I must admit to smiling the most over Sailor's need to "rinse" off the unmanliness of washing lettuce with some good ol' tree climbing, whew!

    What a sweet family you have.

  16. Bravo Rosy! She is just Adorable!!! AND....a great baker too!

  17. what a cutie patootie! im sure they were some yummy cookies!

  18. I remember the first time my mother let me cook something by myself. It is a wonderful memory to have.

    BTW I have just started to read all of you post. You are an amazing writer. Thank you for sharing your stories with us.


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