Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Happenings on the Porch

  • Our porch happens to be the place where the children spend most of their time if it isn't too hot.
  • Our porch serves as a place of "fine dining" whenever my husband gets the urge to fire up the old grill.
  • Our porch happens to be the place where Wags temporary calf hutch home still remains months after we decided to have it there for a week or so. (The children love sitting in it whenever it rains.)
  • Our porch is the stage on which Sailor and Wags play tug-of-war.
  • Our porch is a place to ride kiddie cars and wagons.
  • Our porch is the place where many happy memories are being made.

It isn't a grand porch or even a pretty one, but we enjoy it.

What do you enjoy the most about a porch? And any advice on how to go about getting rid of a nine year old's favorite tattered shirt?


  1. We've had many porches over the years, and most of them have been favorites with the kids for sitting with friends, playing with the animals, etc. I like to sit out and read once in a while, or grill the meat for dinner.
    Don't know about getting rid of a favorite shirt that's wear-challenged. My husband has a lot of those, and I'd be in Big Trouble if I tossed them!

  2. Porches are a family place and a place to share with friends.
    My porch was the place my late hubby like to while away the hours watching his birds at the feeders. We spent many lovely hours there having a cook outs with our kids on holidays like July 4th.
    As to the tattered shirt of a 9 year old. I say let him wear it until he out grows it because one day he will be grown up and not want a favorite thing ..I know from experience that time will come too soon.

  3. We too love to live on our porch. What s wonderful porch you have!

  4. You have a beautiful great big porch!!!

    I have a teenie tiny little porch. We built our house and we loved the colonial look, so if you know what I'm talking about, our porch is small. Just enough room for two rocking chairs. We are supposed to build a porch to the side of our house but it still hasn't happened. I don't think my husband really wants to do it. But we have a door in the living room that leads to nowhere! lol

    As for the shirt, I would just let him wear it until he out grows it. I know that I am bad about wearing clothes around the house that has holes in them from many many years of wear ~ 12 for some. I just like to be comfortable when I'm at home. You should see my 5 yr old boys socks! lol

    God Bless!

  5. Looks like a great place to spend a lot of time.

  6. Your porch is graced with love, and the laughter of your children and even little boys in tattered shirts. These are the very best porch ornaments a person could hope for, and make you rich beyond imagining!

  7. i think the world needs more porches. and more people need to be out porching(sounds like a mighty fine new word to me)! i love sitting, reading, eating, dog holding, looking over my garden! i love my porch!


  8. Everyone needs a porch, they are the heart of the home!!! A lot of big decisions are made on those porches, or naps......
    Thanks for the hilarious story on the gum and mennonite dress story!!!!
    Made me laugh and my friend and I both signed up to follow your blog!!
    Margaret B

  9. What an absolutely delightful blog! I stumbled onto it from somewhere else and I love it!
    Thanks for sharing your life.

  10. LOVE the porch and I think it's VERY pretty. Truly lovely setting, too.

    Tattered shirt? Turn it into a little snuggle pillow or at least incorporate some of the febric. :)

  11. Beloved shirts eventually rot off their little bodies, I know it has happened several times over the years with my girls. You could insist that he wears it because you feel so cuddly and warm when you see him in it.

    Porches are very wonderful places,so much happens on them and under them.

  12. When I was young, my grandmother's house had a front porch. On it, my cousins and I would pretend to sail the seas on big ships. Sometimes we would put on a variety show or a play with the porch as a stage. Other types of play took place on Grandma's porch, for many years.One time a cousin jumped to the ground from the railing, and broke his collar bone. As adults we sat and visited,as young mothers we rocked our babies while the porch roof protected us from the hot sun or the rain. We watched our young ones run and play in the grass near the porch. It took me 60 years to finally have a home with my own front porch. Now I sit with my husband and think back on our memories, I visit with my mother on our porch and listen to her memories. We watch the older grandchildren as they hunt for Easter eggs and we rock the little ones who are too small to hunt. We sit and watch the rainfall..or the lightening...or the clouds that sail across the blue skies. We visit with our neighbors. We discuss our Sunday sermons and sometimes we sing hymns on our long-awaited porch. Someone commented that everyone should have a porch. I agree. It seems to be where life is most appreciated.
    Thank you for a wonderful blog!


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