Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Homemade Christmas Memories

     The fall housecleaning has been taking extra long this year for some reason, but I'm nearing the end. Today as I was going through the things in the storage room I happened upon this.

    It transported me back to Christmas the year I was seventeen. Our family always included homemade gifts in our celebrations. That year Mahlon gave me a songbook. He loved helping me sing and chose four of his and my favorite songs and asked Mom to help him make a songbook to give to me.

    I never used it, but tucked it away ... just because. Seeing it today made me so thankful that we did homemade gifts, and that I was enough of a hoarder to actually keep it.  What a treasure of memories this unlocked. 
    I sat cross-legged on the storage room floor and had myself a good cry, even though the memories were sweet.
    I still can't believe that Mom and Mahlon are both gone.
    I will treasure this little songbook always, and am so glad they made and gifted it to me that Christmas.


  1. It is a treasure!

    The handwriting reminds me of my grandma's.

  2. Such bitter sweet memories, something to hold close.

  3. That is a special treasure indeed.

  4. What a wonderful treasure you have. Through a strange series of events that I won't go into here, just last night my sister and I were given a box by a virtual stranger that included both of our parents birth and death certificates, my Dad's military medals from WWII, their graduation diplomas and wedding book along with all of our early childhood information. What a blessing that we have been given them. We thought they were lost forever. I think understand some of your emotions.

  5. These are the treasures that are worth much more than money could ever buy. Sweet memories!

  6. A beautiful gift, and I'm glad you still have it. Homemade gifts are the best.

  7. That is a true family treasure that touches your heart when you hold it and it brings back memories. Today my post is about a note I found from my husband, who died 5 years ago.


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